Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A reading decline?

Today I typed up my list of books read during 2015.   My total is a lot less than that of 2014 and as I wondered why I realized two things:
      falling asleep at night over a book does rather slow progress and ,
      caring for the elderly takes up time of which there is only a limited amount.
The total number of books read in the year has decreased over the last four years and in 2015 I did not even make the 200 target.   However, in Pollyanna mode, I can be thankful that unlike the HD3QBEM I do have my eyesight and can still read :-)
So far this year I have finished two books from the library and enjoyed both.   I plan a trip to the library this weekend so will stock up again.
Now I am off to start the 'word band' of the basket liner and promise an update on that tomorrow.


  1. The same with me - much less of reading. But at least, I read. And try to be happy with this fact :)

  2. Yes, I'm grateful I still have my eyesight. Both my parents have to have cataract operations at the moment.
    Have you considered audio books for the commute or long car journeys?

  3. I read ten books this year--four of them just before the year expired! I can't believe how many books you have read, and while you work and care for your mother and sew and stitch! I wouldn't worry about this "decline."