Monday 6 February 2023

The construction is never so satisfying

 I have completed the cardinal pocket from Betsy Morgan’s Willing Hands book but am not really satisfied with the construction.  Still, as I was telling a friend this morning, I have had the pleasure of stitching it and the satisfaction of doing something else from the book my dear Mother bought me.   

And now I’m working on the Bristol Sampler bag but doing it in blue.   The air has been almost blue too as the small 1.5” paper pieced triangles defeated me and I resorted to square and changed the style.   I think I’m happy with what I have done (?) and am currently working on the small needle book and scissor fob.   The needle book has a fun plaited ribbon spine which looked like a doable challenge! But in actuality defeated me and I had to adapt!  Now I just need to actually finish the scissor fob and make up the bag and pin cushion.  This week?  I’ll see.

The little dresses and dolls for the Great Nieces were a hit and the six year old and eight year old are being very noble in containing their impatience.   I have cut out the dress for the six year old and tonight plan on cutting the doll pieces.   I need to find suitable dress fabric for the eight year old but the local shops didn’t have anything I liked.   An hour away in the city where my younger brother lives there’s another fabric store so methinks I need to have a day out. 

Today has been HOT and WET but I have donned a raincoat and been out in full scale war against the caterpillars devastating my cauliflower.   Let’s just say that war victims were great in number and I think my cauliflower will survive.  Dratted white butterflies and green caterpillars.   I need to find some way of creating a insect proof cage thing that will still allow sun and water in….or may be just resign myself to summers of war against invading insects!