Friday 28 August 2020

Angels Song

I have been conscientiously working away on this but my, oh my, the little houses (castles?) took ages to stitch.   They are most satisfying though I am looking forward to moving on to more specialty stitch bands.   The next row is Step 22 and there are only 33 in the whole project so the end is in sight.
This week I have been busy making masks for the DBEM and myself so we are now prepared.   Currently use of masks is only mandated for public transport which we don't use but I can see that this edict will eventually change and the use become more widespread.   So I am now ready for whatever the Director General for Public Health throws my way.
Tomorrow is the DBEM's birthday party.   I think I am all prepared -  just need to get up earlier tomorrow to make smoked salmon sandwiches.   The DBEM needs to have her hair washed and blow dried too so it will be a busy morning :-)   This afternoon I collected the cake and the Birthday Girl is thrilled with it - so much so that she gave me a big hug!   I am pleased too - it is exactly as the cake shop lady described it.  She has done a great job.   

Anyway I've crossed the last item off today's list so am off to read some more of my book and then to bed.

Saturday 22 August 2020

Magnetic Personality

 For quite some time now I have been growing more and more irritated at this -  wherever I am someone else always wants to be on those exact GPS coordinates.    In the car park -  another driver always wants the car park I have indicated I am turning into.   On the footpath -  if I keep to the left so do all the other pedestrians and I have to move aside.   In the Supermarket -  other shoppers always want the trolley I have stretched my hand out to take and my position in the aisle is always the favourite of the other shoppers nearby.  At the bank - other customers step ahead of me in the queue with a bob of their head which I interpret to mean 'sorry'.   Even at the library - other clients put their hand out for books I have laid on the table beside the checking out machine while I fumble with my library card    Excuse me!!!   That's mine!!!     What. Is. It????   Is it my magnetic personality?   Is it my short-fused temperament?  

Currently I am considering purchasing a bicycle and am aware that this aware phenomena will no doubt pursue me on the cycleways also where I will well feel less protected.   The DBEM thinks I should not get a bike - "you're an adult woman and I shouldn't tell you what to do but...."    However I have problems with my left heel and ankle that are curtailing my walking at present and the physiotherapist has suggested a bicycle.   I may go to the store and investigate.   Currently the weather is not really conducive to such activity.

Anyway - enough ranting.   Today has been a beautiful day despite the weather forecast for rain and I managed to clean some of my outside windows and do some gardening in the vegetable beds.   All is well in that part of the world :-)

Tonight I will help the DBEM with her knitting and finish off one of the books I have downloaded.   So a quiet and restful day

Thursday 20 August 2020

Christmas Ornaments

With inclement weather the last few days I made myself a To Do List and have been completing some inside jobs. First up was the family 2020 Christmas Ornaments.   All have edgings now but no backs while I decide what to do about decorations and hangers.   I don't want these hanging around in a half completed state so will make a valiant effort tomorrow to fully finish them
But so far so good.
The Silent Night one which was stitched first, I have decided to keep for my tree and to put ruched ribbon around the edge so that is not in a state to be photographed quite yet.   More to come on that one.

But I also did a complete stocktake of my stash cupboard and sorted out the next project - once I have the Shepherd's Bush Angels Song completed.   My WIP basket was getting seriously overloaded but now only has three items : - the ongoing Temperature Chart, the Shepherd's Bush project and a piece of hardanger which has a "must be completed" date of February 2021

Next on my list is some sewing - I want a new hooded jacket and also a long sleeved button through blouse so will get the fabric for those cut out tomorrow.   I find once the fabric is cut the whole project seems less daunting and I find time to get the sewing done.  

I doubt there will be much time for stitching next week as I make final preparations for my share of the DBEM's 90th Birthday Party.   She is getting quite excited and has already received several cards and gifts.   I promised her that tomorrow we would put up a string so she can hang her cards and enjoy looking at them.  

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Back from the framers

 Today I collected the Quakers in Japan from the framer and I am very pleased with the result.   It is now hanging on the wall where I can look at it easily and allow the waves of nostalgia for Japan to sweep over me.   This is a truly wonderful design from Tempting Tangles.

It was hard choosing a frame and supplies are limited due to import restrictions from Covid-19 but I am pleased with this one and think it suits well.

Now I am back hard at work finishing off the Shepherds Bush Christmas epic and this years quota of ornaments for the family.   Hopefully there will be another update on progress this weekend.

Saturday 8 August 2020

Progress report on Shepherds Bush and Christmas 2020 (Ornament production)

The dreadful vine section has been completed and I'm now back into the more comfortable groove of specialty stitches and words. Much more enjoyable and relaxing. Here's a picture for proof :-) 
The 2020 quota of Christmas ornaments are underway too and I hope to complete the pinecones (in the middle of this photo) in the coming week. I need five for my family commitments and also would like one for my own tree. 
After several years when I didn't bother to get my tree out and hang all the ornaments I am determined to do so this year. My new house has a great bay window in the front which will be just the spot for the tree and I will even buy a new set of lights to provide the necessary twinkle. Today I found a shop - The Christmas Heirloom Shop - so that was fortuitous. Surely they will have the necessary lights?

The DBEM turns 90 at the beginning of next month and we are having a family party a few days beforehand.   She is getting quite excited and preparations are well underway.   In the coming week we have a visit to the hairdresser because as she put it "I look like my own grandmother" and by her tone of voice I don't think she was too happy about that!   Perhaps a haircut and some new clothes will change her image?   

Blog Hop

The lovely Jo in the Far East of England has once again organised a blog hop.   So let me introduce to you my "mystery" blogger

This lady is almost my next door neighbour down here in The Antipodes - she lives in the beautiful Hunter Valley of Australia .   She loves stitching - she churns them out as we say here in New Zealand.   The list on her sidebar of completed pieces would, in my mind, make her eligible for a Gold Medal at the Stitching Olympics.  And what's more she keeps to a theme.  I'll give you a hint as to what that is  
Ho ho ho; Angels; trees; stockings....  
Can you guess?

Yes, this lady stitches Christmas pieces (mainly) Those she keeps for herself are sometimes massive masterpieces.   Currently the huge piece she is working on has to be sideways in her frame!   But she also stitches for family and friends.  I really admire her use of beads in finishing some of her smaller items.    

I particularly liked the Australian Alphabet names she has stitched for her nieces children and wonder whether a similar pattern exists in my country.

I searched through my stitching for something she might like and came up with this.

If you can't guess from all I've written then try this link and go visit Elfie   You too will be inspired.

Sunday 2 August 2020

Shepherds Bush progress

I am plodding along with the Shepherd's Bush Angels Song.   All was going well and enjoyment levels were high until the current band -  somehow the counting involved in getting all these leaves and vines correct is too much for my brain.   There has been some reverse stitching and some diversions into other pastimes.
Anyway, a progress shot - I have decided to leave all the beads until the very end so this is very much unadorned.
On Friday the DBEM and I went down to Foxton -  a small village about half an hours drive south west from here.   They have a splendid new library/community centre in which there is a marvellous display about the Dutch migrants to New Zealand.   The DBEM took her magnifier and we pored over all the items there were to see.   One huge carved sideboard had drawers that could be opened and the smell of the spices used in creating the wonderful Dutch Speculaas biscuits was amazing.   We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and as the cafe was closed early that day we came home for a slightly overdue afternoon tea.   The DBEM was so tired she promptly fell asleep and nodded off for most of the next day too:-)