Friday 20 October 2023

Christmas Ornament finished.

 Today I finally finished this small Christmas Ornament and with this I think the 2023 requirements are fulfilled.  As I won’t be in New Zealand for Christmas I have to make sure they are all ready and sent to the nieces and nephews before I depart.

What do you think of this one.   Partway through I regretted stitching over one but it was the only way to ensure the finish was an appropriate size.  And I wanted to use everything from stash.  Success on both counts.

What shall I stitch next I wonder?   The first weekend in November I am doing an embroidery class which is a Ukrainian Whitework clutch purse.   So until then I may just dabble and sort through charts and linens in the stash cupboard without starting anything fresh.   I don’t want too many projects on the go at once!

Sunday 15 October 2023

And a finish

 Regulations in New Zealand forbid me from driving for two weeks after my surgery so what am I going to do while imprisoned at home?   Finish my Blue Hussif of course.   So last night as the results of our General Elections rolled in and the Blue colour of the winning National Party filled the screens, I put the finishing touches to my Blue Hussif.   I’m rather pleased with this one and it already has a safe place in my Cabinet of Wonders

I’m rather pleased with the detail on this  - the covered button fastener mirrors the pattern exactly becoming almost invisible.  And the attachment of the needle pages and pin cushion fit exactly the pattern of the quilting on the inside.   Quite a fiddle to get all this correct but well worth the trouble.

I’ve now started on the last Christmas Ornament for this year.   I’m not sure what the linen is - an oddment from my stash - but I’m stitching it over one and wondering why on earth I ever though this was a good idea?  But sometimes it’s necessary to get the final item to a correct size for the tree.   I’ll show progress later on this week.