Monday 23 June 2008

Cherry Blossoms in winter!!

It was a wet weekend but despite that I managed to find cherry blossoms in winter! Well I created them actually from the Gift of Stitching June 2008 biscornu edition. Stitched in DMC #48 they turned out beautifully and I used the corner of the fabric to make a scissor fob. Also completed the stitching on Summer Quaker exchange. Hard to get too summery feeling when its wet and wintery here but I am happy with what I've done. Just needs the ...oops can't give any hints yet can I! Anyway here's a photo of the Sakura Biscornu.

Friday 20 June 2008

New Spectacles

New Spectacles make a huge difference and once more I can see 40 count linen! Since these are for embroidery only and I don't sit in public to do that, new lenses were fitted to old frames. These frames I call my Harry Potter ones. I hate the shape but they are deep enough for the optometrist to give a deeper bi-focal so I can stitch in comfort through the lower part and enjoy the TV through the top. Best of both worlds!

Now new spectacles together with these ingredients equals what??? Well until "she who must not be named" receives it you will have to wait for the final reveal. I finished last night so the package will be in todays mail.

Also managed to start the Sakura biscornu from the last Gift of Stitching - on 28 count sparkly white lugana and using DMC #48 which Staci kindly sent in her freebie exchange package. Staci - this thread is perfect for cherry blossoms and I am enjoying stitching with your gift.

Friday today and a wet weekend is promised so I can stitch with impunity! Yeah!

Thursday 19 June 2008

Nothing I can show you yet...

I am still stitching for ... the one who shall yet remain nameless .... so no photos of that yet.But inspired by others I thought I'd share something about myself with this mosaic of pictures.

These answer the following questions
1. what is your first name?
2. what is your favorite food?
3. what high school did you go to?
4. what is your favorite color?
5. who is your favourite actor?
6. what is your favorite drink?
7. what is your dream vacation?
8. what is your favorite dessert?
9. what did you want to be when you grew up?
10. who do you share your life with?
11. what is one word that describes you?
12. what is your flickr name?

And today I collect my new embroidery glasses so there will be photos tomorrow I promise. With new spectacles The Queen's Sweet Bag will get some attention. Poor thing has been languishing in the pile for some time now and I am being nagged to get it finished. I really really want to but other things crowd in - you know how it is.

Monday 16 June 2008

The pendibule is done!

Great success - the pendibule is finished. I found a picture and instructions on how to make these on the internet and although they are really simple it has taken me ages to get this finished! I used a diagonal half of a Blue Ribbon Designs freebie for the pattern, a variegated red from Needlework Necessities for the thread, and a scrap of 28 count Cashel linen from my stash. Actually finding the organza ribbon to tie it all up proved to be the biggest problem and I eventually got that at the local booksellers - it is parcel wrapping ribbon!

Also started a gift for A,B,C,D ..... I wonder who? Watch this space for a further update!

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Flower faeries

It is such a grey day today and I have been feeling cold and generally down so put my flower photos on the screen saver to cheer me up and began the countdown to closing time!!
Almost there now and I though you might like to see some flowers too!
These flower faeries were on display in the hotel I stayed at in Christchurch recently. Each year the city has a flower festival and a costume designer makes these intricate and unique costumes for a display. Aren't they amazing. I think the little daisy girl is so cute. But the poppy and Sunflower were stunning too.
See you soon. I'm off to do some stitching on a dinky pendibule - watch out for photos!

Monday 9 June 2008

Distance learning

Well actually distance teaching would be more accurate. My aunt wanted to learn how to stitch the Christmas Humbug I sent her some years ago so together with the printed instructions I made some samples at vary stages of construction. Her package with all necessary supplies will go in the mail today. I hope she likes it. The first stage is just a rectangle. I stiched on 28 count lugana with scraps of DMC in red and two shades of green. You need gold seed beads as well. Next stitch up the sides and base by whip stitching the buttonhole edge. The stuff with dacron filler and squash the top seam so its at right angles to the base and stitch together - not fogetting to insert the twisted cord hanger which I did on the one that has the gold thread!! Finally a tassell on the bottom and voila - a Christmas Humbug for your tree.

Friday 6 June 2008

Exchange sent to Nicki

Nicki has received my package now so I'll upload a picture here of what I sent. These hardanger tassells are rather unique as they were designed by a member of an Embroiderer's Guild here in New Zealand. This is the first blue one I've done and it was a really light colour almost aquamarine. I'm so glad Nicky was pleased with it as I had read she liked Hardanger and then panicked thinking she might prefer the usual doilies and mats!

Last night the only stitching was on the Summer Quaker Exchange and I am now half way through the initial on the ..... oops can't tell you yet. I'm rather pleased with the way this is turning out - but it mught have to be put aside for a while over the weekend as I want to stitch some Christmas Humbugs for my Aunt. At least I'm going to teach her - distance learning at that - so will complete one and have two at various stages to send with the instructions and materials. I promise to post photos soon. Then The Gift of Stitching Hardanger Biscornu is calling out "me next" and I want to do the October Quaker Square from The Workbasket. Also The Queens' Sweet Bag needs some more stitches in it. So a few minutes this weekend will be spent on a stitching timetable for June. Wish me luck.

Thursday 5 June 2008

Exciting mail

It was great to receive the card saying a package was waiting at the Post Office. Of course I forgot to take scissors with me so couldn't open it immediately. After a speedy drive home I slit open the padded envelope to reveal this wonderful pinkeep from Staci. You are so good Staci. I really love all the goodies and the pinkeep is beautiful and immaculately stitched. The red bag is great and has already been put to use - its so light to carry and excellent in these days when we all like to reduce waste. And the tins - well what can I say. I am addicted to tins and these are just great ;-)Many many thanks.

Wednesday 4 June 2008

Little Brown Kiwi's Northern Holiday

Little Brown Kiwi has been on a visit to his relatives in the remote areas of the Far North

All packed and ready to go. Does she seriously think I am going to fly? Every scientist will tell you our species lost their wings centuries ago! Nah! We're not flying - but she promised the front seat. Who said it would be right up by the driver?

Three hours later we arrive at Kauri Park Motel. Little Brown Kiwi is so excited at the prospect of meeting relatives but is quickly squashed when promised a Kiwi Breakfast. Vivid dreams of cannibal kiwis kept me restless all night so I was relegated to the suitcase with the lid closed but it reminded me of the dark forest floors of my relatives so I'm all smiles.Breakfast is definitely not standard worms and wetas (a grotesque beetle type insect that lives in the undergrowth of the forest). Cornflakes and Golden Queen Peaches!! Lunch was much safer - seafood chowder looked really delicious but I wasn't allowed to do anything more than poke my nose at it. She gobbled the Takarau Maori Bread really quick so I did little more than smell that :-(

And after travelling all around in the daytime with nary a glimpse of any relatives what do we find but this sign! She found her relatives but I must admit they aren't dwindling in numbers like mine! Actually the true story is that I took my elderly Mother to revisit the remote areas where she had been brought up in forestry settlements. My grandfather was a sawmiller of native forests and these areas of land have been milled out and planted in pine forest now. At each of the five places we visited her childhood homes have been totally obliterated and are now either pine forest or farmland. The great oak trees that were to have been the markers of one of the schools were no longer twin oaks but a whole grove - the result I suspect of children playing with the acorns and spreading them around! We did find a cafe built out over the waters of the Hokianga Harbour which produced this excellent flounder and many stories from Mother of flounder expeditions at night with her Maori school friends.
With her eyesight rapidly degenerating this is likely to be the last visit north so it was good to go, to meet the cousins still living there and Little Brown Kiwi provided some light relief!