Sunday 28 June 2009

The alphabet pages of Anne's book are finished

Yes, five of the 10 pages of my book are now complete. I am soooooo enjoying this and have been seen lurking in the childrens section of the local library as I'm re-reading the series of Anne of Green Gables books. Late last night Gilbert proposed to Anne yet again and she said yes! How romantic :-) Have you read the books and do you remember the bit where Anne broke her slate over Gilbert's head and became his sworn enemy? Well of course the S had to be slate!
And can you guess what comes in front of this word? This is the first of my self designed pages and I admit to a little trepidation over this. Well I can only try - everyone has to start somewhere.
Today the weather is wet oh so wet but only moderately cold - just the weather for sitting indoors stitching. Hope you are all having a great day too.

Saturday 20 June 2009

An update on Anne #2

Today I finished another page of my Anne book - I need to get going on this as I want to exhibit it in the Embroiderers Guild Annual Exhibition in September! Anyway I'm up to P now - remembering with pleasure as I stitch this how Anne longed for a dress with puffed sleeves! While stitching this I have been 'rereading' the book by listening on my ipod. The language may be oldfashioned but I can still cry when Matthew dies, again when Anne gives up college to stay with Marilla and shed a veritable Niagara of joyful tears when Gilbert and Anne are reunited. Ah - now I need to download the next book!
I've also done my June ornament for the 2009 Christmas Ornament challenge. Taking my ideas from someone else (I can't remember on whose blog I saw this) I beaded the letters and am really pleased with the result. This one goes to a friend as part of her Christmas gift and as she doesn't have a computer or see my blog I am safe showing off!! I stitched this one on 28 count cashel linen with DM 814 and Mill Hill seed beads.
Tonight I am off the Junior and Michelle's Engagement party - congratulations to you both.

Saturday 13 June 2009

A new start

The basket band is started. A whole four and a half inches are done - with 22 and a half inches to do this is going to take a while! But it has to be finished by mid August so I labour on! The colours are beautiful and I'm enjoying the delicate variation -especially in the lighter green thread which is called Avocado. Today I got some green cotton fabric for the basket lining.

I'm stitching in one thread of floss over one thread of 28 count cashel linen - the threads are GAST, those specified in the chart "How Doth The Busy Bee" by Thistle Threads. Suzanne kindly loaned me the chart - thanks Suzanne.

Sunday 7 June 2009

Blackbird Desgins Exchange

Marie has let me know the package I sent to her for this exchange with Friends Through Threads has arrived so I am safe now to post a photo. I stitched her "My Pink House" and made it in to a bourse. This was fun to do - all the dorset "wheel" buttons and the closure rings made it a little special. Although it was the first bourse I had ever attempted I was reasonably happy with the result and Marie said she liked it so that's what counts. I made a small scissor fob using part of the pattern and a "tomato pincushion" in the same fabric as the lining. This was a delightful pattern to stitch and I intend to do one for myself some day.
You can see Marie's much better photos here if you scroll down a little.
Last night I finished the second biscornu - no more of those for a while. This biscornu was supposed to have silk on the bottom but I was rather reluctant to attempt that so found some "spice coloured" linen at the LNS which almost matches the Nutmeg thread used in the biscornu so am happy with that. These two have been a real pleasure to stitch and I am enjoying looking at them as I start the first of the birthday gifts which are next on my list.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and that it is warmer than here!

Friday 5 June 2009

Another day another parcel!

Yes the mailman was knid to me again today and the Just Nan exchange from Stacy arrived safely. Look look look! A super exchange. The little beading wallet is from the Just Nan design "Hummingbird Heaven" and it came accompanied by a Piecework magazine (happy happy happy me), two wonderful variegated threads, a pack of small heartshaped thread hangers (I have wanted some of those since forever) and a couple of delicious sounding tea sachets. Thanks so much Stacy. I love the fabric you have used to 'back' the wallet - its cute.
Now apart from opening parcels I have been stitching and here's a progress shot on GPA Biscornu #2. If I didn't have to go out tonight I would be done but responsibilities encroach on pleasures :-) Tomorrow I go to the LNS and buy some Spice coloured (my naming of it) linen for the back as this one doesn't have stitching on its rear end.

Thursday 4 June 2009

Blackbird Designs Exchange

While I can't show you what I sent to my assigned partner - the mailman brought me my exchange today so I can show you that. Look at the container. A most useful plastic utility box - what a safe way to package things - and the card was real summery which is a good thing on a cold frosty day here. The only restricition in this exchange was that it had to be a Blackbird Designs chart and Jill chose the "Tulip and Star Pinkeep" chart and made a mattress pincushion which was finished so beautifully. have a look at this - real professional don't you think! Then there were the extras - lovely stitching gadgets - a strawberry pincushion, thread wax, floss tags, fancy pins a plastic box that has adjustable compartment now there will be no excuse for untidyness and some coloured needles. I have never seen these before - have a look aren't they neat. This was a real surprise to come home to. Many thanks Jill for the wonderful stitching and the great package.