Friday 16 May 2008

Last night I spent stitching on gifts and exchanges so can't really show you photos of everything. Here's a glimpse of a part of one - I tacked the edge in while watching the Biggest Loser and totally disagreeing with who they voted off but I cheered loudly when I saw how well Bryan did even after leaving the campus. For someone who doesn't watch much TV I certainly interact with the box!!

Thank goodness today is Friday - I am tired, sore from too much exercise but very much looking forward to Embroiderer's Guild tomorrow when I hope to be inspired by seeing what others have done. Have a good weekend everybody.

Tuesday 13 May 2008

Progress report

I have managed a little more on the Queens Sweet bag so here's a progress report. I rather like the colours but in one thread on fine linen my eyes quickly grow tired :( This may be a long term project. Also managed some more stitching on some exchanges and decided on the colours for the Summer Quaker for HOE.
AND I have bought wool for a sweater so will need to squeeze in time for that too. I have a weeks annual leave coming up so with more spare hours in a day will plan a stitching and knitting (and exercise and eating and ......) schedule - that planning is part of the enjoyment of annual leave for me.

Monday 12 May 2008


HOE participants have been recommended to have a wishlist on their blogs so I thought about it and may do so soon. But in all that thinking I realised that there is one thing I really really want and so I decided to post this and hope that some kind embroiderer will perhaps be able to fulfill my wish. I'd dearly love the stitching chart for the "A rose is A rose is A rose" freebie from La D Da. Obviously this was a freebie before I was participating in the blogging community but I saw a stitched item on The Worlds Greatest Collection of Smalls and fell in love with it. I know its a big ask but afterall this is a 'wish' list. Have a great day!

Even with the best of intentions...

Even with the best of intentions I didn't get everything done through the weekend. It was Mothers Day here and my sister and brother-in-law came from Wellington to visit so time was spent on other activities. I cooked chicken roast for dinner and apricot macaroon with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert and was highly pleased with the licked lips and comments of appreciation.

I did lots of stitching on a couple of exchanges (can't show you those yet!) and finally completed the band for my Cherished Stitches basket. There is still the lining to do but that has become next weekends project now.

I tacked out the fabric for the Summer Quaker Exchange for HOE but as its autumn coming in to winter here am having trouble deciding on threads that seem summery :)

Friday 9 May 2008

I love Hewlett Packard

Two blogs in one day - I know its excessive but the courier has just delivered me a present from Hewlett Packard and I need to tell not just somebody but everybody!! As a valued customer I have won a prize in their 'HP Precious Moments' competition and guess what it is? An SLR Digital camera. Over the moon doesn't describe my feelings. Can't wait to try this out - may now be able to get close up detail of my stitching photos. Oh happy day - and its Friday!!

Have a look everybody and say "thanks HP"

Stitchers Alphabet

Hi everybody, plenty of stitching this week but no photos as they are to go out as exchanges mostly. The Queen's Sweet Bag will make a reappearance after the weekend when the current creeping vine is complete. I have shed tears over this bit I assure you!
Anyway, I found this interesting and thought I might share it

The Cross Stitchers Alphabet
Attraction - fatal
Brew -makes a perfect partner
Credit Card - great sewing tool !
Design - bless the good ones
Embroidery Floss - six strand see N
Fabric - a non-fat weakness
Goodness - why did I buy that?
Happiness - indulging in craft shops
Ideas - come by the yard
Justify - no housework as I'm making an heirloom
Knot - knot knever :(
Love - cross stitching is a labour of this
Morning - already? I'll just do one more stitch
Never enough - see also C, E, F, P, Q, R, T, Y
Often- when you'd like to stitch
Peace and quiet - see N
Quality time - with your stitching
Room to sew - see N
Sanity - kept by stitching
Time to sew - see N
Universal language - "cross stitch"
Variety - a lot of projects at once
Warehouse - every stitchers back room
Xerox - naughty, naughty (but nice?)
Yarns - see N
Zealous - supporters of Cross Stitch

Have a good weekend everyone. Happy stitching.

Monday 5 May 2008

Just a little progress

In January I said I would make progress on my Queen's Sweet Bag and I'm embarrassed to see that there is in reality little progress. That tent stitch over one is really slow! However another flower is almost complete - I just have to face some more Queen Stitch for the calyx :(

But Drew and Lisa's 2008 Christmas Ornament is finished. I was quite happy with it - and although I forgot to take a picture the back is finished with a very fine checked gold gingham so brightens the blackness.

Friday 2 May 2008

Christmas is coming

I haven't posted anything for a while but I have been stitching and this years Christmas Ornament for my nephew and his wife is almost done. Hopefully the weekend will see it finished. I plan a weekend of finishes if I can get the ribbon I need for the Cherished Stitche basket - don't you hate it when your usual store hasn't got what you need and there's a run around to find it. Especially with petrol the price it is now! Anyway enough groans - its Friday and for that I am truly grateful.