Wednesday 31 January 2024

Yes! Again!

 I’m beginning to wonder why I even started this dratted project!   This time I did read the instructions and I closely inspected the photographs I’ve taken of my friends finished piece.   But still, every stitch on this panel has been unstitched and redone!   I’m fed up with the whole thing and it’s gone into the naughty corner for the night and I will read a book before bed.  And tomorrow I will pull out all the cut incorrect threads and start this band again.

Monday 29 January 2024

From this to this….

 My good friend Fiona always used to remind me to “read the instructions”.  She was correct!   I have had to undo every last stitch of this piece and will start again.   One thread of floss on 32 count linen taxed my eyesight but the “reversing” is now done.

From this

To this

So now to begin again and this time follow the instructions!

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Long Time No Blog

 It is ages since I have updated my blog and I hasten to reassure any who are still reading this that I am quite well and indeed have just returned from an extended holiday in Japan visiting friends.   After a break of 36 years I had a Japanese Christmas and New Year - and the cold weather that accompanied this season.   New Zealand may have been sweltering under a hot summer but the days were cold in Japan.   Still it was a lovely time.  I took lots of photographs, ate a lot, walked thousands of steps each day and did no embroidery.   Such was my guilt about the latter, I packed my threads and fabric in my cabin luggage for the return flight but was so tired I slept all the way.

Now I’m home and catching up on washing etc I fully intend to set a regular schedule and make friends with my needle and thread again.   A Wessex Stitchery Drawstring Bag is started and I have promised my Japanese friend a hardanger “curtain” for her to hang over her dressing table mirror!   Yes, I was surprised at that too but she definitely wants such so I’m in the process of purchasing the 32 count linen and appropriate DMC Perle on line and will soon make a start on that.   Meanwhile, there’s laundry, shopping, garden, catch up with family and friends and generally a resetting of daily life.

And on Friday, Little Sister and I go to make bookings for The Great UK adventure.   I have an interesting life:)