Sunday 23 August 2009

Some more photos of the exhibition

First the giant biscornu - I have never seen one this big. Imagine a cushion on the sofa - that size and made in a biscornu shape!! The top was all done in various pulled thread stitches and the base was wonderful surface stitchery. Joining two different types of fabric into a perfect biscornu shape is hugely difficult I know but even though I admire the stitching this biscornu was just gigantic!!
Second a gorgeous sewing box cover. I was really taken with this - all the little houses and buildings around the outside edge. Everything was so precise and the design fitted perfectly into what could have been an awkward shape.

Third a rather appealing needlework set in lovely shades of pale apple green, lavendar and a few touches of pink. A real sampler of pulled thread stitches and some bullion roses - I was rather taken with the riboon tie fastening the flannel needlebook pages into the spine. One day I may try and imitate this.
Have a good week everybody. I am stitching a squirrel tonight and at present he looks like a rat so I need to get his bushy tail on prompt smart.

Saturday 22 August 2009

Show and tell - one, two, three

I heard that the package I sent for the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club arrived safely and Laurie said she liked it- oh the relief!! Here's a photo - Laurie took this one as I forgot to take one of the contents. You might remember seeing the tin topper here and here it is with the initials uncovered.

Edgar also let me know the '200th post give away' had arrived safely so here's a photo of the contents of that one. I stitched the mini sampler in peacock coloured silk on 32 count pale blue linen and made it into the cover of a notebook. The manuka honey chocolates are supposed to be health giving - it was a New Zealand scientist who found the health giving properties of manuka honey so happy healthy days Edgar!

This afternoon I went to an embroidery exhibition and my friend Beth had this wonderful cushion in the display. You really need an upclose photo to see the exquisite finishing work and appreciate the skill that went in to this cushion. Well done Beth - its beautiful!

Well thats it folks I'm off to my chair for a stitching marathon to get some progress I can show on the ABECEDAIRE. See you tomorrow.

Sunday 16 August 2009

An Emblem of Love Round Robin

Today I put in the final stitches on my section and over the next couple of weeks will get it all ready and packaged to send on. This has been such a fun stitch and I am looking forward to stitching different sections in different threads and fabrics for all the others in this round robin.

Have a great week everybody. I have some study to do this week and will be off line for a bit. Stitching will have to be sidelined while I give this other committment priority .Don't worry though - I will be back.

Thursday 13 August 2009

And the parcel is on its way.

Thank you all for the lovely comments. Let me assure you that Mother thoroughly enjoyed her moment of fame and laughed at your comments.

Tonight I have wrapped up the parcel which will go to the Post Shop tomorrow and be on its way. Such fun getting these together and although you are all dying to know what's in this you will have to wait until Edgar lets me know it has arrived. Here's a couple of snapshots of the wrapping - notice the subtle monogram on the ribbon.In my previous job that illustrious company wanted our tourists to visit their shop and spend huge amounts of Yen on monogrammed handbags and luggage. As an encouragement to send our tourists their way we sometimes received gifts and I usually scored the monogrammed wrappings. In my current job the same company are customers and buy their stationery from us but as we need them more than they need us - no fancy gifts :-( I had saved this ribbon for a special occasion and what could be more special than this?

Only one more day in the working week for which I am truly thankful. Amen

Wednesday 12 August 2009

And the winner is .......

The time has come ..... tonight is the night of the 200th blog post draw.

So the bowl of destiny was brought out and dusted (well it's actually a Royal Doulton bowl - pattern Rosalind - which was a wedding present received by my Grandma around 86 years ago??)Into the bowl go the papers. Thank you to the 21 of you who left such wonderful comments. It's a pity there's only one surprise:-)
And the impartial hand of fate leans over, hovers and chooses ..........
No trumpets here; no drum rolls; no music at all but the lucky winner is EDGAR.
Congratulations Edgar and a "well done" from my "half blind half deaf" elderly Mother.
Oops - looks like we couldn't remember which side was blind and which was deaf - I'm sure it was the opposite last time. Check it out here.
Anyway a small surprise will be on its way to you by New Zealand Post within the next few days and as I have the last few stitches to put in to it tonight you will need to wait for a photo.
Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me, taught me new skills, introduced me to new threads and fabrics and generally helped increase my stash. I am really grateful to you all and look forward to many more "meetings" in cyberland

Sunday 9 August 2009

Post Number 200 and a Surprise Giveaway

This is my 200th post since joining the world of stitching bloggers.
As a thankyou to all of you who have been so encouraging and inspirational during that time I am offering a surprise giveaway. No snaps - I did say surprise :-)

If you would like to be in the draw please leave a comment on this post and on Wednesday 12 August at 7pm local time my "half deaf half blind" elderly Mother will draw one name.

Currently I am stitching on the Quaker RR organised by Edgar - I am loving my choice of Bleeding Heart red and the antique mocha fabric and this is a pleasure stitch. I also have the threads and fabric organised for the Gingerbread Cookie Ornament, a freebie from Victoria Sampler.

It has been a fine weekend here so I was out in the garden digging and getting everything ready for Spring planting. My harvest of broccli and silverbeet made the work so worthwhile and I still have the broadbeans and leeks to come. Next I will plant more broccli, some capsicums, red beet, basil, lettuce greens and perhaps some radishes. Yes, Spring is in the air and Summer is just around the corner.

Have a good week everybody.

Saturday 1 August 2009

An angelic day!

Today was our Embroiderers Guild Regional day when around 200 women got together to chat and chat and chat and chat ..... and stitch! There were also displays of work and we had several traders. While I managed to refrain from increasing stash too much I got tempted at "The Bead Hold" with these tiny bead angel kits. Aren't they cute- they are to hang off a strap on a mobile phone but I may find another use for one of them. Sorry for the fuzzy photo but they are only 20mm high and I am not a good photographer :-(
Also made a new start on the ABECEDAIRE from here I'm not too sure that these colours work together but today at Guild several "experts" told me they were great so in faith on I go!!

This is post number 199 since I started blogging so watch out for number 200 as I am planning a surprise. Yes the "half deaf half blind Mother" has agreed to oversee another draw. So watch this space.