Saturday, 22 August 2009

Show and tell - one, two, three

I heard that the package I sent for the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club arrived safely and Laurie said she liked it- oh the relief!! Here's a photo - Laurie took this one as I forgot to take one of the contents. You might remember seeing the tin topper here and here it is with the initials uncovered.

Edgar also let me know the '200th post give away' had arrived safely so here's a photo of the contents of that one. I stitched the mini sampler in peacock coloured silk on 32 count pale blue linen and made it into the cover of a notebook. The manuka honey chocolates are supposed to be health giving - it was a New Zealand scientist who found the health giving properties of manuka honey so happy healthy days Edgar!

This afternoon I went to an embroidery exhibition and my friend Beth had this wonderful cushion in the display. You really need an upclose photo to see the exquisite finishing work and appreciate the skill that went in to this cushion. Well done Beth - its beautiful!

Well thats it folks I'm off to my chair for a stitching marathon to get some progress I can show on the ABECEDAIRE. See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Your gift for Laurie is great - what a fabulous tin topper! She's a lucky gal to have received it!

    And Edgar's book cover is really nice too!

    Your friend Beth is very talented; what a beautiful pillow!

    I hope you are able to stitch to your heart's content this weekend!