Tuesday 29 October 2019

Christmas Stockings

In the interests of keeping a record I have photographed these two small Christmas stockings.   They are meant to be tree decorations which gives you some idea of size. 
Over the years I have made several of these as gifts but made the effort to try a hardanger lacy edge on one this time.  The one on the right has the lacy edge.   I found it to be a lot less difficult than I had imagined so will definitely try that again.   The stocking on the left was supposed to have picots in each of the square holes but I admit to being rather afraid of picots and generally leave them out.   Perhaps that is the next Everest to conquer?

Sunday 27 October 2019

Chasing My Tail

Ages ago I read somewhere that selling a house was among the most stressful events in life.  Correct!!  It is.   However my house is now cleaned and cleared to within an inch of its life and is listed with the real estate agent so I am over one hump of stress and on to the next :)    Open home viewings followed by auction and then The Big Move.  It is all feeling a little too much after 27 years in this place but onwards and upwards.
On the stitching front there have been finishes and one disaster.
The needle book holder (utilitarian at best) is completed and in use.

Two bookmarks are done successfully.
The "red set" came to a sticky end.   Scissor fob and biscornu went well but the needlebook was never going to work.  Frugality with linen is all very well but I do need to ensure there is sufficient seam allowance for construction.  In this case there wasn't so I discarded the needle book. 
The two fancy humbug shaped fobs almost reached the same fate but I was able to retrieve those.  I quite like that pattern and may revisit this again.
I began construct on the Betsy Morgan Etui but haven't made a lot of progress for two reasons.  I don't want to fail under pressure with this one so will take my time.  Also I have not yet decided on a lining fabric, so this one is back in the basket.
I have stitched the Hardanger tops for two Christmas Stocking Ornaments and completed those.
And now I have kitted up the Betsy Morgan Reticule with DMC thread.  Gloriana threads are just too ridiculously expensive here in New Zealand and mostly obtainable only by on line purchase from overseas.

All this activity is tiring but with benefits.   I have shed 3kg of the 6 that I put on while working for Corrections.  Happy me!  However I suspect this is the result of lots of housework, tidying up and daily walks :)

Monday 7 October 2019

Beginner efforts at DIY

I did get tradesmen in to do some work on my part eat while I was away but a small job in a wardrobe   I decided to tackle myself.
All the ingredients for this were purchased and I sailed away following the instructions given.   But I have rapidly lost confidence.

If it doesn't all go well I will call back my friendly tradie...:)   Tomorrow I need to plaster and smooth before painting.   Should be able to manage that -  everybody says I'm "just like your father" and he was an expert DIYer so I should be able to make him proud?

Wish me luck! 

Saturday 5 October 2019

My favourite red

As is usual I took many more stitching projects away than I had time for but did complete the cross stitch for this
It is stitched on 32 count linen with Threadworks 1089 floss and it has turned out large!   When I checked the instructions it definitely said said 32 count linen so no mistake there.   I'm thinking I might stitch the monogram and use that on a drawstring bag to hold all these and make it a complete set.   (However I have yet to decide what initial to use -  do I want this or do I want to gift it?) First I have lots of backstitching to do around the outer edges before I can begin construction.
I also wanted to make full use of a piece of linen on which I had begun a Wessex stitchery needlebook and scissor fob.   It is all tacked out for two humbugs and a bookmark.   Isn't the internet wonderful- it provided the chart for this cute little humbug/scissor fob which combines my favourite hardanger with relaxing blackwork.
And two bookmarks were completed on another scrap of linen.
So I am feeling very proud of myself but I am going to stitch this next -  but will convert the Gloriana threads to DMC as a cost saver.  The Inspirations Magazine containing this was my one and only holiday treat.
Since returning home I have been busy with housework as the painters left a fine film of dust over everything.  Nothing that a soft cloth and some Neepol couldn't cure and now the wood is positively glowing; as am I, feeling so virtuous over having cleaned so very thoroughly.