Wednesday 29 July 2009

And a Pear

Suzanne very generously loaned me the chart to stitch The Basket Band and so when I returned it this pear found its way into the envelope. Suzanne let me know it has arrived so I can show you.

Both of us are in the "An Emblem of Love" round robin and look forward to keeping in touch through that.

I have a chocolate cake in the oven so better stop and check on that! See you again

Tuesday 28 July 2009

And another finish

Last night "the first tin topper" was almost finished. I had to call at a local store and get some more thread for another twisted cord but here's an as-is snap. Tin tops are not as easy to construct as they look are they? The tin and some surprise contents will soon begin travels to ...... where I wonder? Watch and see.

Thanks to all who had a look through their Prairie Schooler stash. A wonderful blogging friend has sent me a copy. To say I am overjoyed would be an understatement :-)

Also finished a Christmas ornament but I can't put a photo on here yet as it goes to my nephew and niece-in-law as part of their Christmas present and they sometimes look here! It has become a tradition each year for them to get an ornament - think "next step in the story" and Prairie Schooler Starry Night.

Now with all my obligations met I am going to settle in for some me time. First up is some more stitching on my Weihenberg Christmas Quaker, and after that... well I have signed up for a Quaker Round Robin. So that will keep me busy for a while.
Have a great night.

Monday 27 July 2009

Can anyone help me please NOW RECEIVED

I'm sending out a general "help please" request to borrow Prairie Schooler Book Number 65 Acorns.

This picture is one I found on a blog somewhere else and Edgar kindly found out the exact name of the chart.
Does anyone have this and would you be prepared to loan it to me. Of course I am happy to pay for postage costs. Please leave a comment here and an email address for me to contact you if you can help.

Saturday 25 July 2009

Another page of my Anne book and .....

I have finished another page of my Anne book - this one is supposed to look like a letter and the stamps are real - I buttonhole stitched them on with white thread. These were issued by Japan Post last year as a commemoration of 50 years since Anne of Green Gables was translated into Japanese. Only four pages to go now to finish the book but I can see that it won't be done in time for this years Guild Exhibition. Maybe next year???

Also finished this. It's to be turned in to a tin topper for .......... well you will have to wait and see, I have blanked out the initials so you won't even be able to guess :-)
Today has been a beautiful fine day here. Tonight is promised to be a chilly frost and tomorrow fine again. I love these weekends!

Monday 20 July 2009

Check this out!

Plum Street Samplers is having a blogaversary - follow this link and check it out. Its a fantastic site and at the moment there is a giveaway chart for you to download. Only today though so you better be quick.

Saturday 18 July 2009

And the finished basket!!

Here it is! The basket in all its glory - please excuse the white spot - I don't want any clues getting out before it reaches its recipient .
Tonight I have finished another small something which is a giveaway so I can't show you just yet. Next I need to work on my the birthday gift for my assigned partner in the Stitching Bloggers Birthday exchange. I have finally decided on the pattern and the finish so tomorrow night will sort out the threads. It is always fun starting something new and this will be the last of my smalls - I need to get back to my Quaker Christmas which is languishing in the WIP basket. Besides which I have a long list of "want to do" in my mind.

I can hear the roar of the rugby from nearby Eden Park as the All Blacks play the Wallabies - I hope we win but I I'm not keen enough to brave the freezing wind to go and watch or to even turn on the TV. It is more fun to guess by the muffled roars that come up the street.

Have a good night everyone.

Friday 17 July 2009

Basket Band is finished

Well, here's the last but one photo of the "blessed basket band". I am really pleased this one is finished. I promise another photo minus the pegs when the glue has set and the band is fixed forever into the basket. Despite the frustration and tedium of this I am rather pleased with how it worked out.
Suzanne, thanks for loaning me the chart. If you can wait a week or two I will send it back - there is a small "thingy" to include but you wouldn't want it in the current state!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday 12 July 2009

Some more progress on the Basket Band

Here I am again - the Basket Band is nearer now to completion. Only two more colours to complete and then its done. Although I will have to maintain progress I can at least see that the deadline is possible which is a great relief.
It has been freezing cold here today but I had a great time at Baci with my friend Kathy - this cafe is actually a combined cafe and bookshop so you can well imagine how time just flies by. Today while I was tempted with some of the books on the sale table Wallet didn't cooperate and I am sure I heard the word "library" whispered in my ear. But Baci is definitely on the list for a return visit - their "Magic Slice" which would be better translated "Decadent Chocolate Brownie" is a guaranteed diet buster. Kathy's birthday next month so I have been deputed to find the cafe for our next coffee date on August 9th.

Friday 10 July 2009

Sorry to have caused you worry!

I've had an email from my Japanese friend Yuko asking if I was well as there had been no posts for some days. Well here I am again - there are two reasons why you haven't heard from me. My current stitching project has a dead line of just a month from now and as its a basket band there is more and more and more of the same stitching - over one thread with one strand of floss on 28 count linen! Here's a view of the full 22.5 inches! Am I a little tired of this - Yes!
Is it turning out well - Yes!
Here's a closer up view too.
Also have a look at this - a friend brought it back from Japan for me. This is hand made by a 70 year old friend of her mothers. The tops of the little bobbles are the tops of acorns! Amazing isn't it.
And I finally found a small shop who were willing to print this photo of apple blossom on to fabric for me. I need it for my Anne of Green Gables book. I intend to embellish this with surface stitchery and beads.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - it is supposed to be wet here.