Sunday 20 November 2011

Lucets, Lace and a Little Progress

Today I spent the morning as a visitor at the Embroiderers and Lacemakers Guild.  It is St Cattern's Day (otherwise known as St Catherine) and she is the patron saint of Spinners, Weavers and Lacemakers.  This was the reason for their Open Day but the reason I went was for a refresher course in Lucet Cording.   Several years ago I learnt this but never felt confident so off I went today.
However in the "meet and greet, have a cup of tea" time I spied an elderly lady setting up a beginners bobbin lace table and I was then sidetracked from Lucets to Lace.  

She kindly introduced me to Twists and Crosses and I started to see how bobbins and threads and pins can create lace.   Much practice is still needed but I think I am hooked and now I will try and get the book she recommended through Amazon.

I did manage to get the necessary refresher in Lucet cording though and will try and practice this week to cement the technique and the tips in my memory.
There's a few too many nobbly bits on this practice piece for any degree of satisfaction but as with the piano -  practice makes perfect!
On the stitching front I have finished the pulled thread cushion (this is not its permanent home -hence the colour clash)

and made some progress on the Red Needlebook.   But the other stitching is for gifts so no photos, sorry.
Work promises to be a lot busier this week which will be great -  better busy than bored - but I have Thursday off and plan on a visit to the bookshop (Christmas presents), the clothes shop (a new jacket) and of course the Needlework Shop!   Have a great week everybody.

Sunday 13 November 2011

On the home straight!

This Christmas Prism has been a long time in the making.   Too long really.   So this weekend I made a determined effort and cut the four equilateral triangles for the outer in a strong cardboard; then the four slightly smaller ones for the inner from a very stiff vilene.   Next step to lace all the pieces on to both outer and inner.  

Right that's enough -  a  break is called for.   So I finished off page one of the needlebook.   This is my "guild day" piece but I was dissatisfied with progress and wanted some visible evidence of time spent.   So one late night (in company with Hercule Poirot) and one early morning (quietly so as not to wake the HDHBEM) and page one is complete.  

Page two has the frame done and I can now stitch happily on the alphabet for this page at Embroiderers Guild this coming Saturday.   But my conscience keeps nagging 'prism prism' so back I go again.

All the inners are now stitched to the outers.   This leaves only the base to join together.   Then comes the making of yards of twisted cord to edge each prism face.   Oh dear.   Maybe next weekend for that one??  I am particularly pleased with the red silk lining.  I bought this in Japan years ago and have always enjoyed the subtle "print" of chrysanthemum, storks and other very Japanese symbols. 
The Christmas Prism is from Un Natale da Ricamore 2008  but I used DMC threads and Lugana fabric from my stash.   Note to self -  Lugana fabric is too thick and cumbersome to manipulate for 3D projects.   Do what the designer says!!
The Needlebook is an SAL I stumbled across on the internet.   You can go here for a look.   I am stitching in one thread of DMC 115 over one thread of 28 count cream Cashel Linen.  
Yesterday the HDHBEM and I went to a local shopping mall and I finally got my birthday gift -  a beautiful blue tourmaline ring.   Worth waiting for wasn't it!   I'm afraid that a morning at the mall exhausted her strength so the afternoon was spent quietly by her and in the garden by me.  All in all a relaxing weekend and I should be revived and refreshed for work tomorrow morning!!
Have a good evening everyone and remember only six weeks until Christmas!

Sunday 6 November 2011

Belated Birthday Lunch

Yesterday we finally got to go for the Birthday Lunch - after the catastrophe on the actual day!
The HDHBEM and I went across to the north side of the harbour to a "new-for-us" Japanese restaurant.
Very nice too!
Here are snaps to prove it so.
And inside

The small chap was so cute but he went home not long after so the floor show disappeared!

Miso soup and green tea.   Somehow a paper cup wasn't quite what I expected - and a tea bag??!!  But the meal tasted wonderful and was really filling.
The HDHBEM had Prawn Tempura Lunch Box and pronounced herself totally satisfied!   I had Teriyaki Chicken Lunch Box which was delicious.
After lunch we went shopping and the HDHBEM bought herself a new jacket which she wore to church this morning. 

Nice colour -  the label says Cranberry - and I am happy it is not "old lady pink".   "When she starts choosing that pale faded old lady pink then I start looking at Residential Aged Care facilities", I tell her hoping she will understand that to be a joke but with hidden intent.   I hate pale faded old lady pink!!!!
It is now wet and raining and time to start cooking dinner.   Talk to you again soon.   Have a good evening.

Saturday 5 November 2011

Mass Production

Same chart, same stitcher but how different.   These tassells haven't been shown off yet and since I don't have any other stitching to show you or news to tell this is it folks!

The pink rose one which is Alternative B and is rarely done as that one on one stitching in numerous shades is reserved only for special occasions!!

And the satin stitch tone on tone one which is Alternative A and features on the top of my "most stitched chart" list.
These all have skinny tassells but depending on how late at night I am finishing these they can have fat tassells too!   This one got the royal treatment with a detached buttonhole net covering!
These tassells were designed by an elderly embroiderer in the Waikato Embroiderers Guild -  just south of where I live.   This is a teaching piece for which she has never published the chart.   As I have stitched at least 30 of these for gifts (and one for myself) she probably should have charged royalties!   These are a delight to stitch and I love it that they can only ever be gifts as Majorie no longer tutors for classes.

Spring weather is as fickle as..... and today is windy and cold and our South Island has had big snow!   Only two days ago it was sunny and a warm 21 degrees celsius.   I'm off outside to wash the car and then it is dinner and an evening with Poirot.   Good night all.