Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mass Production

Same chart, same stitcher but how different.   These tassells haven't been shown off yet and since I don't have any other stitching to show you or news to tell this is it folks!

The pink rose one which is Alternative B and is rarely done as that one on one stitching in numerous shades is reserved only for special occasions!!

And the satin stitch tone on tone one which is Alternative A and features on the top of my "most stitched chart" list.
These all have skinny tassells but depending on how late at night I am finishing these they can have fat tassells too!   This one got the royal treatment with a detached buttonhole net covering!
These tassells were designed by an elderly embroiderer in the Waikato Embroiderers Guild -  just south of where I live.   This is a teaching piece for which she has never published the chart.   As I have stitched at least 30 of these for gifts (and one for myself) she probably should have charged royalties!   These are a delight to stitch and I love it that they can only ever be gifts as Majorie no longer tutors for classes.

Spring weather is as fickle as..... and today is windy and cold and our South Island has had big snow!   Only two days ago it was sunny and a warm 21 degrees celsius.   I'm off outside to wash the car and then it is dinner and an evening with Poirot.   Good night all.


  1. Goodness, I missed the last post. Lots of love to your mum, do hope she is feeling much better! Love the tassels!

  2. Oh how I wish that she would publish the chart; I would be first in line to buy one! They are gorgeous!

    Maybe she would consider selling the chart as a fundraiser for your guild? Just a thought...

    Beautiful stitching Margaret!

  3. Absolutely beautiful stitching Margaret.

  4. Why, they are absolutely lovely! I would even drive to New Zealand to get the pattern. Considering I live in Rosedale (just outside of Baltimore), MD, that could be difficult. Please, please keep me in mind should Cathy B's suggestion be taken. While I may not be first in line, I would most certainly be in that line.

  5. Such beautiful tassels-bells! Adorable!