Saturday, 29 October 2011

And the birthday evening was spent at .......

Yesterday was a really exciting day.   I got to ride in a thoroughly modern ambulance and spend my evening sitting in the emergency department of the hospital.   Yes!!   The HDHBEM got sicker and sicker so we pushed the Lifeline alarm and - I wish I could say tout-de-suite but in reality it was lots longer than that - Nick and Matt the ambulance men came and carted us both off to ED.   Of course I went!   Sans stitching, sans book, sans camera, sans everything except the taxi fare home, my mobile phone and the front door key.
So when I got home at 1:30am I had to wash the dinner dishes (I had eaten my solitary meal many hours before), wash my tired white face and only then could I go to bed but not to sleep well.
This morning at 7:30 the hospital phoned to say come and collect your HDHBEM (well it wasn't exactly a request, more like an order to get there quickly) so I obediently went off and did so.  She is now resting in her comfy chair, dozing on and off and at this precise moment in time attempting a Sudoku!  The very firm doctor who discharged her told her to drink 12 glasses of water a day!   Seemed to me to be rather a lot of work for her solitary kidney but I will make sure she keeps the fluids up -  I don't want another scare like that again!
However, at the very firm instructions of the HDHBEM  I made a quick sortie to the LNS and spent the vouchers.   The birthday gift shopping date has been postponed -  not cancelled!   More on that later but here's a quick snapshot of todays loot.   I wanted to replenish my basics of Cashel and Belfast linen,  the four brown flosses are for a project currently underway but alas, not yet photographed for the blog, and the other two are, well impulse buys added extras.  

Now it looks like there is a quiet afternoon ahead so perhaps the roses will get finished, the pulled thread completed and, oh yes, the ironing may get done too!
Have a happy weekend everyone.


  1. I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious with HDHBEM. I know at times I don't drink enough fluids, and its always a struggle to make sure my grandma is getting the fluids she needs.

  2. Sounds like quite the night - scary I'm sure. So glad that your mother is home now. Best wishes to her!
    Love all of your new goodies!

  3. Oh that sounds scary! I'm glad that HDHBEM is back home. Hope she takes it easy.

  4. Oh no! And on your birthday too! Oh I hope you get a better day today and best wishes to your mum. Xxx

  5. What a scare! So glad your mom is doing better and I hope she is keeping up with her liquids. So hard to drink that much water!

    Great stash!

  6. It sounds like you had quite a scare. Very sorry to hear your mother ended up in the hospital and do hope she gets better quickly.

  7. Oh Margaret, I've unfortunately been there quite a few times and it's not a nice experience. You would be feeling wrung out when you got home. I hope your mum recovers quickly and gets back to her usual self.

  8. Sorry about the scary need to go to the hospital, but so glad to hear all is well now and the HDHBEM is back home in her own comfy chair.

    Your quick trip to the LNS was very fruitful! Love the added extras!!!