Sunday 25 July 2010


Last night I sat up until this was fully completed.   Today it gets parcelled up with some goodies to be sent to ...  well I wonder where this one is off to?   My embroideries travel more than I do :-)

I lined this small sweet bag in Ukranian Whitework with a bright red Japanese silk which shows well through the Drawn Thread panel.   The "round" eyelets are a special feature of Ukranian Whitework and the rhythmical stitching of these is positively soothing.  Fortunately the book from which this particular stitch was taken has many others and I have two pieces of fabric and their matching threads already organised - but shall I start the Mulberry or the Aquamarine??  

Self control means I will complete the page of my Anne Book this week before allowing myself a new start.

Now to go find the Tangerine Chocolate that is to be part of this package.

Friday 23 July 2010

Progress reports

I am back onto some of my unfinished items and this is a snapshot of the last page of my Anne Book.
This page is to have an 'uneven frame' of Wessex Stitchery in what else but "Queen Anne's Lace" stitch surrounding a quote from the book Anne of Green Gables - which quote I have yet to select. The cover is to be in applique and hopefully in another month this extended project (two years???) will be crossed off my list.

Also the five band sampler. A progress report. Band number four had to be completely taken out and once I am over the pain of that I will start again. Only two bands to go (and the name and date in the prepared gap) so I really need to persist with this one.

And finally a shot of the completed Ukranian Whitework which is actually 'greenwork'. This shot is not true to colour but at least you can see the stitch. Hopefully this weekend this piece will be constructed into its finished product and be wrapped to begin its long journey to the other side of the world. Maybe in daylight hours in the weekend I can get a shot that will show the colour true as well?!

Have a good evening everyone

Saturday 10 July 2010

Framing is done

Today I made the trip to Hamilton to collect my three pieces of framing.   Now they are home and hanging on the wall - I just need the adoring crowds to tell me how wonderful they are!
First  -  An Emblem of Love which was an RR moderated by the inimitable Edgar.  You can see pictures of the others here. This is a photograph in situ - and on an angle as my passage is to narrow to allow a front on shot.

Next - Quaker Row which I chose to do because of the Squirrel.   I was rather pleased with the frame for this one and you can double click to see that close up.

And finally the ABCeDaire which was an SAL many eons ago and which I only managed to finish off this year.   But it does look just as I wanted it and I super pleased with this frame as the DMC threads I chose were not a "normal colour".

Now I have made a firm vow - no more pieces that need to be framed.   This house could turn into a mini Art Gallery otherwise.   

Have a good evening everyone.

え? だれからでしょう?

今日この郵便物が届きました。誰からでしょう?目の見えない母が”林さんからの手紙ですよ”と呼びかけてくれましたが...違う!藍子さんと宣幸君からでしたよ。う れ し い!!!よろしく伝えておいてくださいね。

Monday 5 July 2010

Happy Birthday Heather

Guess what -  my little sister was born 50 years ago today.   I'm still excited over her birthday all these years later.   I stitched this to remind her that she is the only sister I have!  
My sister has yet to experience two of the "ages" pictured here but when she telephoned to say she'd opened the package she asked which of the women I thought was her -  well what sort of a question is that?     Was I going to damage our relationship by answering that honestly?   No way.   My sister is much more young at heart and adventurous than I, so perhaps I should have said "the little s"
Anyway, enjoy your holiday on the Gold Coast Heather and a very Happy Birthday to you.

I have also made a new start -  on this.   The colour hasn't come out very clear - the floss is DMC 524 Perle 12 and Perle 8 and the linen is an exact match.   There is still the faggot stitching to do on this and then one pattern is complete.  Two patterns and a couple of smaller bands to complete the stitched area  - then the daunting obstacle of construction.   Watch this space!   You can click for a close up view of the round eyelets.
Hope you all have a good evening everyone.

Saturday 3 July 2010

RAK for Caroline

Caroline from The Hague has let me know the package arrived safely.   The Wessex Stitchery needlebook went to Caroline (at great speed may I say, thank you New Zealand Post!) and here's a snap of the whole package.   The small silver pendant has a letter C made in genuine NZ paua shell, the colours of which I tried to replicate in the colours of the needlebook.

Today I finished another surprise and here's a teaser shot -  the floss is Caron Waterlilies Rose Blush and the linen is 32 count Belfast Linen -  but the completed article is ..... a surprise.

Also today I made a trip across our Harbour Bridge to The Embroiderer where I bought ...... two skeins of DMC floss.    Yes that's all.    But I happened to meet another embroiderer who was looking for a book on Drawn Thread Work - so from my library to hers goes one unused book to be well used by the new owner who is an expert!  

Have a good night everyone.

Friday 2 July 2010

The reason for no stitching!

I haven't any stitching to show here and this is the reason why. I turned some of these beautiful Meyer Lemons into Lemon Biscuits (cookies to my USA friends!) They have a wonderful fragrance and go well with a cup of tea. Good bye all - I'm off with my cup of tea to finish up a surprise for Phyllis. Have a good night.