Monday, 5 July 2010

Happy Birthday Heather

Guess what -  my little sister was born 50 years ago today.   I'm still excited over her birthday all these years later.   I stitched this to remind her that she is the only sister I have!  
My sister has yet to experience two of the "ages" pictured here but when she telephoned to say she'd opened the package she asked which of the women I thought was her -  well what sort of a question is that?     Was I going to damage our relationship by answering that honestly?   No way.   My sister is much more young at heart and adventurous than I, so perhaps I should have said "the little s"
Anyway, enjoy your holiday on the Gold Coast Heather and a very Happy Birthday to you.

I have also made a new start -  on this.   The colour hasn't come out very clear - the floss is DMC 524 Perle 12 and Perle 8 and the linen is an exact match.   There is still the faggot stitching to do on this and then one pattern is complete.  Two patterns and a couple of smaller bands to complete the stitched area  - then the daunting obstacle of construction.   Watch this space!   You can click for a close up view of the round eyelets.
Hope you all have a good evening everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister!

  2. What a lovely gift for your sis!

  3. Great gift for your sister. I love you new start.