Wednesday 15 January 2020

On the way to completion

This week I decided that the basket of projects needed some attention and so
1) the embroidered Japan Box was put in a tin and put in a cupboard.   I am not good at free embroidery and prefer the constraints of counting on linen.   So the box is put away until inspiration strikes again.  It is not yet at the point where I can see completion ahead so...
2) The hardanger tassels were cut out and stitched up and.....oh no!  I have no DMC 712 to make the tassels and no time to go to the store.  So this finish is half done :(
3) The Betsy Morgan Etui had been stitched and prepared for completion before the big shift and I am well on the way now.   Home base is in sight and I'll have this done by the end of the week - Filial Duties and Family Visits not withstanding. 
I am rather pleased with how this is turning out. 
But have discovered that I really miss my needlework store The Ribbon Rose for the "extras"   This needs a couple of suitable beads to finish the closures and some wool felt for the needlebook pages.  Here in The New City we have a Spotlight (big box store of Australian origins) and they can supply DMC thread and basic white and antique white Cashel and Belfast Linen but anything else will be mail order now.   I hadn't really listed a needlework stork in the necessities when we chose Palmerston North!!
Today I tackled some of the garden kept company by a Songbird Thrush who was delighted to scoff the snails I uncovered.  He and I will become closer friends in the days ahead -  there is a lot of garden at this place.   I have cut back, pulled out, dead headed and cleaned up about a quarter and have already had two trips to the Green Waste Dept at the Resource Recovery Centre.   The back garden will go into vegetables but the front is supposed to be pretty flowers - we shall see.