Saturday 19 August 2023

Small Pillow

 My embroidery cupboard already has way too many small pillows but the chart I received at the Sampler Gathering seemed to cry out for this finish.   I’m super pleased, even with the colours, but it will reside in the cupboard to become unviewed and probably unappreciated 😉

If you see the back you’ll understand why I felt compelled to stitch this.   

The linen was originally Permin#32 and was buried in mud for many days following the fierce cyclone in February.   Sherelyn and her friends laundered and relaundered many times to get the linen to this “antique” (let’s be kind, it is stained) finish and renamed it Gabrielle Linen.   

Today I have tacked out the linen to make a start on a new project.   Antique white Belfast linen and DMC 930.  What will this turn into I wonder?

Thursday 10 August 2023

Back in the groove

 Last weekend I drove through the centre of the island to the beautiful Lake Taupo and joined around 60 other women for a weekend of stitching, speakers and chat.   It was fun. 

I took a class in Ukrainian Whitework - although mine is actually blue 😂 and am back to my enthusiastic stitching self.   Indeed when this piece is done I have an idea for another in this technique.

And the apocalyptic mud bath that was my garden has been transformed and I now have to wash the dust an dirt off everything, resurrect my pot plants, and when the weather cooperates welcome the guys back to paint my fences.   I am so very very pleased with the result and feel this was a good investment for the future.