Sunday 20 November 2022


 I did go to the embroidery store in Christchurch and spent a very enjoyable morning looking at Every Item In Store:).  It was great.  But I was very modest in my purchases - just these.

Something to look forward to when my current projects are completed.

Wednesday 16 November 2022


 I am just nearing the end of a quick trip to Christchurch to visit my elderly uncles.   Worthwhile on that side of the ledger.

And as a bonus I got to visit as a tourist the areas devastated by the 2011 major earthquake.   In particular the 150 year old stone cathedral was badly damaged and is now in the process of a major and V E R Y expensive and lengthy restoration.   The bell tower and steeple crashed forward but amazingly the Rose Window survived.  One bell was irreparably damaged and needed to be recast but the others are safe and in storage awaiting the completion of their new home.   

So many of the landmarks I remembered have been obliterated and I got increasingly sad as I wandered around the city centre.   Until, eventually I arrived at the Transitional Cathedral - a “temporary “ structure designed by Shigeru Ban - the roof constructed from large cardboard cylinders reinforced with steel and walls made of steel shipping containers.   

I  was surprised at how beautiful it was but at that stage in my wanderings it all got too much and I sat for some time in the very uncomfortable chairs and attempted to regain my equilibrium.

Tomorrow’s bonus is a visit to Broomfield’s Embroidery which since the earthquake has been operating from “temporary” premises i.e. the owners home.   Hopefully I can be reasonably restrained as I have no immediate needs for any more stash :)

Then afternoon with the remaining elderly relatives and home to my own house and bed!

Friday 4 November 2022

Long term project

 Having finally managed to procure the necessary yardage meterage, I am making a start on a new project.   Lyn at Embroiderers Guild had this amazing sampler cloth and I’m going to Copy Cat it.   

An interesting way to use up odd bits of thread don’t you think.   But first the hem.  

Then the centre “frame” which in my case will be either a dark blue or a mid blue.  Next I will do the corners and then the centre band on each side and after that I will practise being random!