Wednesday 24 May 2023

Taking a break

 I have a finish to show - the Frisian Whitework strawberry decoration is complete.   It hangs on my cabinet door.   

Despite finishing this and still having boxes of thread and fabric in stash I cannot find anything that inspires me.   This week I went through all my charts and books but …. No.  Nothing seems to bring on the enthusiasm.   For the next week I have a visitor staying so will take a break from stitching and make some progress on my knitting and then see what happens.

What am I knitting, you ask?   I am hoping this will turn into a warm and wearable cardigan of the variety my beloved Mother described as an “at home cardie”.   I’m knitting from a cone of wool so I can avoid too much sewing in of ends.   After a lifetime of sewing in the ends on Mother’s striped knitting I think I’ve earned a respite 😂