Sunday 23 April 2023

New Start

 I seem to have lost some of my enthusiasm for stitching and only the prospect of yet another month going by with nothing to show at stitch group has got me to put needle into new project.

This is to be a Frisian Whitework Strawberry but will be smaller than the chart dictates as the linen is 32count from stash rather than the suggested 28 count.   But as the idea is to continue using up stash I will go with what I have.  The linen is what used to be called Confederate Grey and I’m using #12 white DMC Perle.

I have a couple of knitting projects on the go as well so plenty to keep me busy.   See you again soon.

Sunday 9 April 2023

Finally…..a finish

 Life is back to my usual now after Older Brother’s funeral.   However stitching mojo has not recovered yet and I have forced myself to complete this set.

In an effort to reduce my huge stash of embroidery fabrics I have decided to make some covered coat hangers.   First up is one for a birthday gift needed for the beginning of August.   I’m thinking of using a hardanger pattern from deep stash.   So tonight’s pleasurable activity is to go through my fabric and select an appropriate linen.

My great nephew who lives in Amsterdam should be warm next winter!  Little Sister, his Granny, and I are both knitting pure wool sweaters :)   Here’s my latest effort.

And I have booked a weekend away in the central North Island to attend the Sampler Gathering and have enrolled in the Ukrainian class.   Four classes are offered and all are counted work but I found this one most appealing although I certainly do not need another small bag!   It will be good to have friendly company for this adventure.  Here’s the tutor sample.  Mine of course will be blue!

See you later