Wednesday 23 February 2022

Christmas Stockings

 My thumb is almost 100% again and I’m back to practising picots.   I have the method firmly imprinted on my brain now so will have a break from hardanger and try some cross stitch again.   I'm making the hardanger sleeves into little Christmas Stockings -  here's one to show off.

Pinterest provided ideas for a couple of ornaments so I delved into my thread stash and made a start on this one.   Shouldn’t take too long nor will it use much thread but I rather like the effect.   Perhaps I will be able to use  some of my sparkly beads as decoration -  there are to be garlands of beads hanging from the branches and a star fixed to the wonky top of the tree.   A finished photo in a day or two.

Today I made some fruit for the first page of a Quiet Book for my new great niece Nell.   She’s only two weeks old so there is no hurry on this one😉.  I made some many years ago when my nieces and nephews were born but Nell’s mother didn’t get one to pass on so I’m rectifying that lack.    Surprisingly I have all the necessary sewing threads for this although I did buy some Heat N Bond and heavy calico for the pages.  No photos yet - I will show some soon I promise.

Our weather is cooler today and I spent 3 hours this morning in the flower garden and have scrapes to prove my tussle with an unwanted rose bush.  I won!!  

This afternoon is devoted to the DBEM.  We have discovered “LifeChanging” on BBC Sounds and are both enjoying episodes of that.   What amazing life experiences some people have.   We are both intrigued and inspired.

Thursday 10 February 2022

The thumb is healing

 Thank you for all your good wishes for my poor thumb.  I’m happy to report it is healing well but I’m still not stitching much yet and besides, it is too too hot.   I have been sitting in front of the fan with the DBEM and keeping her company while she reminisces.   She grew up in the very north of New Zealand and obviously experienced some very hot summers but now at almost 92 she doesn’t tolerate them so well.  Nor do I and even reading books set in snowy Scandinavia hasn’t helped!

Today I went to the next village which has a small sewing shop with a minuscule stock of DMC perle as I needed to replenish my stock of #8 in Blanc.   And I promised an ice cream as a treat if the DBEM comes with me for an outing.   Yes!  I’m resorting to bribery as despite taking care not to mix much during this Omicron outbreak she still needs to have some stimulus (and I’m a little tired of audio books).  No ice cream, which is better for my continuing weight loss but we had a pleasant outing together.

I found these at the little sewing shop.  I’m on the lookout for the whole nativity story in these buttons as I have a Christmas book planned.   Supply chains disrupted by Covid mean ordering from The States is out at present.  Just as well there’s no hurry.