Wednesday 29 September 2010

Ukranian Whitework Mat - update

Good evening everyone.   Thought I had better update my current Work In Progress.   While the aim was to have this finished by the end of the week, I now think it may take the weekend as well to fully complete.   However, I am now on to the 'square eyelets' and then there are the VerkHopLoot triangle borders and the hem.   Reading instructions sure slows down progress but is certainly essential!   There has been a lot of reverse stitching in this mat.

Have you ever wondered what it is in the human psyche that while we are working on one thing we dream of everything else we want to do?   I found this Quaker Chess Board recently (do click on the link and see it) and despite my resolutions and plans I find myself wanting it. So far so good and I am sticking to my resolutions and plans but how long I can hold out against the voice of temptation I am not sure.   May be if I purchased the chart it would ease the pressure??

On 1st October GST (Goods and Services Tax) rises by 2.5% and work is busy making sure that all systems are go for that.   And as a consolation prize income tax drops so I've had work to do on the payroll system to ensure that is all updated too.   Still only two days of the working week to go.

Have a good evening everyone.   See you sson.

Thursday 23 September 2010

Ukranian Whitework Mat

A snapshot tonight of my current Work In Progress.   This is a small mat in Ukranian Whitework - well although that is technically the name of this type of embroidery the colour is a beautiful pale aquamarine.   The linen is a piece from Weeks Dye Works and the Perle threads are DMC 3813   Satin stitch and ladder hemstitch, while rhythmical, are not the most interesting stitches but those Ukranian connected eyelets were great fun.
I feel as if I have turned the corner tonight when I literally did so and everything added up!   Such a sense of satisfaction when all those threads count out correctly.   Hopefully another week or so will see this finished.

Today I made an appointment with the dentist and was a little shocked to find that it's 5 years since I paid him a visit.   Paid is the important word in that sentence!   Dentists fees are so expensive.  I remember him asking then why I didn't come more regularly.   My answer at the time was that I preferred to spend money on my eyesight as while false teeth were available false eyes were not, a philosphy I still adhere to.   

Well good night from stormy Auckland.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Historic Countries Sampler

Denise has asked about the sampler I plan to do next year and which I erroneously called the World Sampler.   It is in fact the Historic Countries Sampler and is from The Gift of Stitching here as a kit or you could purchase all the back issues and build a fantastic resource of wonderful charts and ideas.  

Sorry this picture is not clickable -  you will need to visit the actual website to check out details.
You can see that this sampler comes in the category of Masterpiece (my description) and will require all my time and attention so needs must and I just have to get my UFO's finished first.

Talk to you all again soon

Saturday 18 September 2010


It has been a while since I've posted and as today is completion of the Poppies piece here's a snapshot to celebrate.   Sorry but I can't show you the finished product as its a gift for a friend who reads this blog so I don't want to spoil the surprise!

This afternoon I sorted out two unfinished pieces and will make a determined effort to get at least one of those finished by the end of this month.   You see, next year I plan on stitching the World Sampler that was in The Gift of Stitching a couple of years ago and my conscience says that I need to get my UFO's completed before I start that as it will be a mammoth project.   Fortunately I have only three UFO's and one piece of Ukranian Whitework I am currently working on for a Christmas gift so if I put my foot down and speed up I should be able to be UFO free by the end of the year.   Well, as they say "dreams are free"!!

Hope all is well with you and that your weather is a great deal better than the stormy conditions we have at present.   I'm off now to roast chicken dinner followed by an evening in the company of Inspector Barnaby and his Midsomer Murders.

Goodbye all.

Sunday 5 September 2010

The Draw

The Half Blind Half Deaf Elderly Mother says many many thanks for all the congratulations.   She had a wonderful birthday and "only sometimes feels like 80 years old"

Yesterday my little sister and her family flew up from Wellington to spend the day with us and celebrate this milestone.   My nephew is a police constable so in the presence of a duly warranted officer of the law the "80 year old birthday celebration giveaway" was drawn.  Little Sister held Grandma's Bowl and The Half Blind Half Deaf Elderly Mother drew a name.

And the lucky winner was ....

Oops can't read that can we...?

Congratulations Staci.   We all hope your mother had a wonderful birthday too.   And a gift package will be on its way to you very soon.    Thank you all for joining in and making this birthday a special one for Mother.

And after all the official business Little Sister sat and read all the comments....   so just so she knows I saw her, here's a snapshot.

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday 1 September 2010