Friday 20 October 2023

Christmas Ornament finished.

 Today I finally finished this small Christmas Ornament and with this I think the 2023 requirements are fulfilled.  As I won’t be in New Zealand for Christmas I have to make sure they are all ready and sent to the nieces and nephews before I depart.

What do you think of this one.   Partway through I regretted stitching over one but it was the only way to ensure the finish was an appropriate size.  And I wanted to use everything from stash.  Success on both counts.

What shall I stitch next I wonder?   The first weekend in November I am doing an embroidery class which is a Ukrainian Whitework clutch purse.   So until then I may just dabble and sort through charts and linens in the stash cupboard without starting anything fresh.   I don’t want too many projects on the go at once!

Sunday 15 October 2023

And a finish

 Regulations in New Zealand forbid me from driving for two weeks after my surgery so what am I going to do while imprisoned at home?   Finish my Blue Hussif of course.   So last night as the results of our General Elections rolled in and the Blue colour of the winning National Party filled the screens, I put the finishing touches to my Blue Hussif.   I’m rather pleased with this one and it already has a safe place in my Cabinet of Wonders

I’m rather pleased with the detail on this  - the covered button fastener mirrors the pattern exactly becoming almost invisible.  And the attachment of the needle pages and pin cushion fit exactly the pattern of the quilting on the inside.   Quite a fiddle to get all this correct but well worth the trouble.

I’ve now started on the last Christmas Ornament for this year.   I’m not sure what the linen is - an oddment from my stash - but I’m stitching it over one and wondering why on earth I ever though this was a good idea?  But sometimes it’s necessary to get the final item to a correct size for the tree.   I’ll show progress later on this week. 

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Cabinet of Wonders

 Tomorrow Niece #2 and her three little girls are coming to visit.   It is school holidays and this is part of their routine.   I try to create memories for them and this time they are to be allowed to handle the contents of the Cabinet of Wonders (so named by Little Sister).   Today I emptied it out into two laundry baskets - removing the few vases to a safer place.   

Then inside three of the items I hid small named gifts.   It will be fun to see them inspecting, chattering, describing and eventually replacing on the shelves, all these goodies.

After all that expended energy lunch will be hummus, crackers, veggie sticks and fruit.   Yes!  They are a healthy eating family.  But inside these small tin cases are hidden a couple of chocolate surprises.

Oops!  Don’t tell their mother😳

Friday 22 September 2023

Flip side of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

 I’ve been having a run of these days for a week now.   Despite my righteous attempts to improve fitness and maintain strength and balance (oh and lose a little weight) with five times a week gym visits and training under professional supervision, last Wednesday I twisted my knee getting out of the leg press machine (I know!!) and since then have been crippled and in such pain.   Buckets of tears, a doctors visit, physiotherapist visits and a deluge of self pity later, I confess that while I may be almost 69 I feel more like 89!   I grimace at the pain, swallow anti inflammatory and painkiller and do everything so very very slowly.   Praise the Lord for audiobooks and embroidery.

But the flip side - My Blue Hussif is coming along and providing maximum enjoyment.   The outside is almost complete.

Today the post man brought me some linen for my next project so I am well stocked for this rehab period.   Tomorrow or the next day or even Monday I may brave the supermarket, hanging on to a trolley, and stock the pantry and fridge.   Then I will be confident of maintaining a fully supplied season of hermit life😂😳

Friday 8 September 2023


 The small bag/tin/container is now fully finished so I can call it a success.   

I’m not fond of having more than one project on the go at a time but currently have two so am working hard and solely on one so that I can get back to my comfort zone.   And then…I signed up for a two day workshop in Ukrainian Whitework at the beginning of November,   While I have mastered the eyelets now, the long rows of “narrow edging” proved a challenge so I’m hoping to get help with those.   In my small bag/tin/container, I resorted to a saw tooth satin stitch to finish top and bottom but that is not strictly kosher:(

Sunday 3 September 2023

Inspired by The Sampler Gathering

 When I went to the TSG at Lake Taupo I took a one day class with Kerry Seeley to make a Ukrainian Whitework Scrap Bag.   The first stitched piece ended up in the rubbish bin but I started another and am well pleased with the result.   Yesterday I went to get some cotton fabric to make the bag and so hopefully tomorrow these “ingredients” will turn into a small bag.

And I purchased this chart from another tutor at the TSG and am making great progress on this.   The designer sent me an email explaining how she had been inspired by tiles she had seen on a trip to Portugal.   I am loving this as it’s my favourite blue and so rhythmical to stitch.

While stitching I am dreaming of my next project which will be to use up the jewel coloured thrums my weaver friend Claire gave me.   For that I’m thinking a small canvas work zipper purse.

Spring has sprung her in New Zealand and I am enjoying sitting out in my sheltered back yard absorbing lots of Vitamin D but I’m making sure not to get sunburnt😉

Saturday 19 August 2023

Small Pillow

 My embroidery cupboard already has way too many small pillows but the chart I received at the Sampler Gathering seemed to cry out for this finish.   I’m super pleased, even with the colours, but it will reside in the cupboard to become unviewed and probably unappreciated 😉

If you see the back you’ll understand why I felt compelled to stitch this.   

The linen was originally Permin#32 and was buried in mud for many days following the fierce cyclone in February.   Sherelyn and her friends laundered and relaundered many times to get the linen to this “antique” (let’s be kind, it is stained) finish and renamed it Gabrielle Linen.   

Today I have tacked out the linen to make a start on a new project.   Antique white Belfast linen and DMC 930.  What will this turn into I wonder?