Friday, 16 November 2018

The Octagonal Box - progress

Despite best efforts I’ve not gotten back to the my blog but do have progress to record on The Octagonal Box.  A slight senior moment in forgetting which was land and sea ended up with the blue where the green should have been but I reversed out of that corner and now the top and the four square sides are done. 

Just four rectangle sides and the base to go.   But....the base has the date on it so I may leave that till last.  The reason??   I am getting the hardanger itches again and have promised myself that when the outer "Land" layer of this box is done and before I start the inner "Sea" layer I will start some hardanger.   Indeed the DBEM and I are going out tomorrow to buy the Perle thread.   Well, we are actually going to buy Christmas cards but needlework store is close by so we will call there too.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Progress is being made

Visible progress is being made on the Octagonal Box.   Despite the fact that there are no specialty stitches to tempt me I am enjoying this one; even the over one lettering is fun.   And while stitching I have decided to make the needlework accessories that go into the box.   The reason being - I couldn't work out how to change the design of the words and remove "needlework" while retaining the overall balance of the design.
Anyway, here's progress -  I couldn't see why there was so much blue at the bottom until I took this photo.   But the missing words give the clue..."both sea and land to collect needlework treasures".   So squirrels or not the bottom had to be sea blue?!

Today my boss arrived back after ten days in Tokyo.  She and her husband went up specifically to go to the two All Blacks matches being played there and they had a wonderful time.   She brought back some sweeties for me.... White peach and melon flavoured Kitkats.
Apparently this was test run for them and if they liked it they would book to go back during the Rugby world Cup.   They loved it and are off to the travel agent very soon to book a longer trip and take in more of the country than they saw this visit.   I wonder if they need someone to carry their bags?

Monday, 29 October 2018

Halfway there

The sampler for the top of the octagonal box is progressing well.   I've changed the colour of the fruit on the trees - the pale peach charted just didn't do anything for me.   And the colour of the owl is several shades darker than the chart dictates.   Overall I think it works.
What didn't work is the discovery that the lettering is in one strand of floss over over thread of linen!   I'm very grateful the DBEM bought me an Ottlight for my birthday.   The strain on my eyes is much reduced but the lettering is still going to take quite a while to complete.
Hopefully you can read what it will say when fully stitched as it is going to take the veritable month of Sundays to reach the final D.   I'm going to remove the word Needlework and centre the word Treasures as I don't intend to stitch the pincushion, needlebook etc to go inside the box.
And on the stitchy update, good night to all

Sunday, 28 October 2018

At long last

Finally after all these years,  at breakfast today I got the chance to greet the Deaf Blind Elderly Mother with
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four
Her laughing answer was "But I need you and you feed me!   Happy Birthday".
But it wasn't just the ability to personalise the famous lyrics, the counter moved into significant territory.
Look!!  Exactly one year till retirement.
Birthdays lose their magic as the years go by and today probably goes on record as one of the quietest I have ever celebrated.   But then, it's hardly a significant number except to John, Paul, Ringo and George:-)   Next year is the big one when I receive my Golden Birthday card from the Government no less and become a superannuitant.
So on the note,  goodnight for now.   Stitching progress to report hopefully tomorrow.

Monday, 22 October 2018

At last - a project that captures my interest

For a time my stitching mojo had completely disappeared but in a trawl through my stash cupboard I found this chart and the fabrics.   Most of the floss were in my DMC boxes too so I was able to quickly kit up and begin.  I am making the box on the right in the picture.   There are needlework smalls also charted but I don't have need for those so may stop at the box only - in which case I will have to change the words a little. 

It has been a long weekend here and splendid weather so not only have I done some sewing (a T shirt for me, a blouse for the DBEM  and two pair of "active wear" trousers) there has been a few excursions out to the various beaches around the city.   
My sweet peas are flowering and promise a profusion of blooms.   Currently they are only a deep cerise pink so I am hoping for some variation as that's what the packet promised.
Each evening as soon as the weather forecast is complete I don walking shoes and at a brisk pace, tramp the pavements around the neighbourhood while the DBEM stays home and plays her favourite computer game.   My reason is that the walk is good for health and well being; her excuse is the game is good for maintaining brain health and well being.   We can't both be correct-  surely?

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

A Catch Up

No needles have been active at my house for quite some time.   Any enthusiasm for stitching seems to have died and each evening I look at my basket of "yet to be finished items" but cannot summon the will to begin.
I have been knitting and the short sleeve cardigan is almost completely finished.   If you remember this was knitted to use up left over yarn from a long sleeved cardigan.  Would you believe I still have yarn left-enough for two pairs of socks I should think.   This merino yarn has a tremendous yardage in each 50g ball.  I should have the pieces blocked and ready to be stitched up this weekend after the final buttonhole tonight.
A couple of weeks ago the DBEM gave me a scare with a trip to the emergency department at the hospital.   Thankfully she has mended well and is almost back to her usual self and is even knitting again!  

So last Saturday I went halfway across the city to hear some bell ringers and watch their practice session on a mini bell tower.

At long last I have heard the Stedman Triples which I had read about in Dorothy L Sayers Book TheNine Tailors.   It was a fun excursion on a beautifully fine day.   Auckland City Heritage Week usually has something of interest although it was a long walk to get to this one.   There is little parking in that area of the city.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Christmas Dinner is being prepared!

Today on my walk in the park I saw Christmas Dinner being prepared:-)
In 100 days most New Zealanders will add mint sauce and gravy then patting a full stomach sigh "I've eaten too much"