Saturday 30 September 2017

Another Santa

Another Santa but this one came accompanied by unfriendly gremlins.   As a consequence there has been weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.   I have unpicked, restitched, unpicked again and restitched again.   One error I have decided to leave but "the hat faux pas" will have to come out.   Before I do so, here's a sufficiently poor snapshot in which you may not be able to see the errors:-)
And Spring has definitely sprung here.   We have bluebells
and we have sweet peas
and we have a tui in the kowhai trees.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Almost but not quite #2

Despite my best efforts tiredness stopped me reaching the finish line last night.   Here is the Quaker Christmas Sampler- almost completed.  The last gap is top right but do you think I should stitch the date centre bottom in the gap there?
I have fabric to make this into a table runner to fit my coffee table and given my usual reluctance to decorate for the Christmas season this may be the only ornament in my room in 2017!
Meanwhile it will go into the "to be constructed pile" and will not be touched until November, or December, or the new year....

After a run of good health the DBEM isn't too well today and is sitting quietly in her chair knitting happily.   We have had to move her chair as facing the picture windows directly was too bright for her eyes (which really only detect contrast now) so the whole room has had a reshuffle.   She's happy and I am adjusting to my new spot so all is good Chez Nous.

Saturday 23 September 2017

Almost but not quite

For the past 23 days it has officially been Spring and the daffodils and freesias have cooperated.   However the sweet peas are more stubborn but today the first signs can be seen so hopefully this week.

Election night in New Zealand and while we are listening to the results on the TV the DBEM is knitting a pretty pink sweater and I am frantically trying to complete my Quaker Christmas Sampler.   The end is in sight and a photo will follow

Monday 18 September 2017

Almost half a flower

Tonight, despite some reversing I have managed almost half a flower.   This is the last of the big medallions on this piece so it may seem smooth sailing after this.
I must admit I am sick of cross stitch and have even found myself thinking of a piece of free style embroidery!!   However the piece I want to do requires a piece of navy woven material so that will have to wait until I source the correct fabric.   I do have another piece in mind but that is done on black..... oh dear what a choice.

The DBEM is well today and chuckling to herself over her audio book.   She and Jeffrey Archer are becoming firm friends as she steadily "reads" her way through his Clifton Series.   I'm pleased that charming rascal is proving such good company.

Sunday 17 September 2017

She loses I find

Last weekend Little Brother came to stay and commented that the DBEM had lost weight since he last saw her.  Even at 87 years of age she was upset about this!  So this morning she asked me to weigh her.   We did and she has lost 4kg in two years (yes it is that long since I have weighed her.  Bad daughter!)
Anyway now I know where the 4kg gain I have made in two years has come from.   My dear and generous DBEM has given them to me:-(

I have been sewing up small knitted sweaters for the DBEM and tonight made a start back on the Quaker Christmas Sampler but reversed out everything I put in.   No progress shots as there was no progress.   Check in tomorrow night and I may have better news.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Another finish

Heartfelt Harry I think this one is called.   A very happy fat snowman to be made into a ornament to decorate the tree for an Antipodean summer Christmas!   Rather strange,  but he is so cute and a fun fellow don't you think?

Monday 11 September 2017

Another finito

Yesterday my friend Kathy led me into temptation.  We met for coffee and I nobly refrained from cake but when we went next door to the Hard To Find bookshop it was a different story.   Recently the local paper ran a story of this bookshop and the landlord who is cancelling the lease to sell the building.  Along with several thousand other devoted customers, Kathy and I are feeling bereft. Armed with our lists we entered.   Books in front of us, above us and all around us.   How long do you think we spent lost in the stacks?  Too long!

Whether they will take this cute old man with them, I don't know but an eager customer will buy his piles of Clive Cussler.
Once home I finished off this red NOEL ornament.   My favourite red floss and a very simple chart but the effect is just what I wanted.   I left the outer border off in an effort to make this a more "tree friendly" size.   All good I think.
Next up is a friendly snowman.

Friday 8 September 2017


The Christmas Cat Tree is finished.   This I rather like so see more of these, but maybe not this year.
Stash provided the little beads for the candles and now this will rest in the pile to be constructed closer to C Day.
Thank you for all the good wishes for the DBEM.  She tells me she feels much better than yesterday:-)
I'm wondering if charity shops would sell stitched Christmas ornaments.   Unlike the DBEM I will not be knitting sweaters for toddlers when I retire but I would be happy to stitch small items like ornaments, book markers etc.  Any suggestions?

Thursday 7 September 2017

Half a tree is better than none

Interruptions to the smooth flow of stitching have resulted in almost half a tree. Each green curl has a small red cross to come but I am toying with the idea of a bead instead.
But so far so good.
The DBEM hasn't been well and a visit to the doctor resulted in a phial of large white tablets to swallow. Two in the morning and two at night.   They are huge and I wonder how she manages to get them down.  
But so far so good.

Little brother is coming to visit this weekend and I am making a menu and a shopping list.   Saturday morning will be busy as I try to fit in all the chores (and a visit to the Library) so tonight I have baked a Gingerbread Loaf.   The room is now cosy and warm and the DBEM is salivating.  She loves Gingerbread.   I have joined the Spring Challenge at work and along with others am trying to eat less and be more active.   Hard work.
But so far so good.

Monday 4 September 2017

A finish and a start

The blue knitting is finished, the last stitch is recorded and the much used pattern has been ceremoniously despatched to the place all good patterns go to.   Having knitted this one three times I am not about to do another:-)
My cardigan needs a good steam with the iron and it can go in the drawer until the cool weather comes again in 2018. The photo above is a better indication of colour -  the garment is certainly not two toned!
As a reward I have made a start on this...
The Christmas Cat Tree.   Check back in a  few days to see how this turns into a tree.
Today was an easy day at the office as I took part in day one of a Transitions to Retirement workshop. Apart from the one hour of Tai Chi in which I unskillfully and unwillingly participated I have not learnt anything new.  Maybe day two tomorrow will be more productive (and inspiring)