Monday, 11 September 2017

Another finito

Yesterday my friend Kathy led me into temptation.  We met for coffee and I nobly refrained from cake but when we went next door to the Hard To Find bookshop it was a different story.   Recently the local paper ran a story of this bookshop and the landlord who is cancelling the lease to sell the building.  Along with several thousand other devoted customers, Kathy and I are feeling bereft. Armed with our lists we entered.   Books in front of us, above us and all around us.   How long do you think we spent lost in the stacks?  Too long!

Whether they will take this cute old man with them, I don't know but an eager customer will buy his piles of Clive Cussler.
Once home I finished off this red NOEL ornament.   My favourite red floss and a very simple chart but the effect is just what I wanted.   I left the outer border off in an effort to make this a more "tree friendly" size.   All good I think.
Next up is a friendly snowman.


  1. Nice ornament! More and more I am a fan of DMC 115. I need to stitch up some ornaments too!

  2. Bookshops are heaven on earth. Lovely stitching too!

  3. What a great book shop. Sad to see places like this close.

    Beautiful color choice for your ornament, Margaret.

  4. I adore your pretty blue cardigan which you so cleverly knit! These ornaments are so pretty and how good to be using your magazine patterns. I think it's good to keep them on the small size; Christmas trees are getting smaller it seems. Good luck with finding the shoes you need; always a challenge for me as I need comfort and good tread. Glad to hear your mom is on the mend.

  5. That is my favourite red too! Noel looks great in it.
    Such a shame about the bookstore but I hope you grab some bargains before they close.

  6. What a shame the bookstore has to close! I love getting lost in piles and piles of books...lovely little finish, though!