Monday, 4 September 2017

A finish and a start

The blue knitting is finished, the last stitch is recorded and the much used pattern has been ceremoniously despatched to the place all good patterns go to.   Having knitted this one three times I am not about to do another:-)
My cardigan needs a good steam with the iron and it can go in the drawer until the cool weather comes again in 2018. The photo above is a better indication of colour -  the garment is certainly not two toned!
As a reward I have made a start on this...
The Christmas Cat Tree.   Check back in a  few days to see how this turns into a tree.
Today was an easy day at the office as I took part in day one of a Transitions to Retirement workshop. Apart from the one hour of Tai Chi in which I unskillfully and unwillingly participated I have not learnt anything new.  Maybe day two tomorrow will be more productive (and inspiring)


  1. I did my retirement courses about eight years ago and learnt very little. However, I'm glad I did them because it helped to "re-orientate" my mind and get thinking more about living my new life. Didn't do Tai Chi though!

  2. It's a lovely shade of blue Margaret, enjoy wearing it when the weather gets cooler. Transition to retirement sounds good - in the NHS over here we can do a phased retirement when the time comes.

  3. I did that cat tree a few years ago for my grand daughter. I love it!

  4. Lovely blue for the cardigan.
    Laughing at the Transition for Retirement though. I think you will be busier than ever with all the stitching, knitting, reading and sightseeing time you'll have.
    Not to mention dear old Mum who will be so happy to have more of your company.

  5. If you are starting to think about retirement then you can start thinking about your trip to the UK! Hopefully we will get to meet up.

  6. Such a beautiful blue, it looks lovely.
    I love that cat, so cute!

  7. That's a really lovely cardigan! Looking forwar to seeing the tree come to life.