Saturday, 26 August 2017

Farewell to footwear

What do these two photos have in common?

Well, those on the top are "Swedish Hasbeen" and those below are "Margaret's Has Beens"
Ten years would seem too short a life for leather shoes.   I like these and they have served me well.   But they are Has Been.   Today I farewelled them to the rubbish man.   Why?  Well look at the soles; the heels have holes and they squeak and leak.   The uppers are still good but the sole has gone.
My soul has gone too :-)   I will need to look for new shoes and being possessed of a narrow foot in a land of wide-footed people that is no mean task.
So as a "pick me up" I fetched out the Christmas Ornament books, selected six and found appropriate fabrics.   Tonight I will sort out the floss and kit them ready to go.
All in all not a bad day.


  1. Well Margaret, when you come to the UK you'll get a good choice of narrow fitting shoes if you go to the right shop.

  2. I look forward to seeing your ornament progress.

  3. Good shoes do not last forever! Hope you can find a suitable replacement.
    Looking forward to seeing which ornaments you choose from each magazine.

  4. I sympathise with you, Margaret. I find it difficult to get new shoes that fit comfortably. I hope it's easier than you expect to find something suitable. Loving forward to seeing your ornament choices.

  5. 10 years is quite a bit of life to get out of a pait of shoes! Mine never make it that long. I hope you can find another pair that suits you.

  6. I hate it when the shoes you love die and they can't be replaced, I'm still looking for green ones!
    That's a lot of ornaments, can't wait to see them.