Sunday, 6 August 2017

Top and tail

The left front of the cardigan is complete so I put it aside and have gone back to the Quaker Christmas Sampler and much progress has been made.
I was really concerned this would not "meet up" so have done the motifs along top and bottom and then with a running stitch confirmed the intersections are as plotted.   QED.
Tonight I made the DBEM a special Japanese meal as she has been voicing a hankering for Chawanmushi.   It was rather tasty if I do say so myself.   It has been DBEM day here1   During the afternoon I stitched a Pop Over Presto Top for her in a cerise merino fabric.   When we have so many sheep in New Zealand there seems little reason not to go for merino:-) besides which this past week has been chilly temperatures.  
Tomorrow I have a day off work -  for a WOF for my pacemaker and my teeth.  Surplus time will be spent sewing - for myself this time.
And a funny story.  Last weekend I was clearing out a cubby hole in my roll top desk and happened across an old wallet stuffed with Australian Dollars, lots of Australian Dollars:-)   So I took myself off to the bank and turned them into my favourite New Zealand Dollars and indulged in a new toy and banked the balance.   It is many years since I had a trip across The Ditch so it felt like unearthing buried treasure1
This is for my Active August Campaign!

So to a chorus of "thank you dear, that was lovely" from the DBEM good night all.


  1. No matter how well you count, no matter how sure you are that the border/edge will meet up just fine, it's always a relief when it really does! Every time you show this piece, I like it even more.

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who stressed about such things as my stitching meeting up perfectly. It looks like you have made a fun purchase and have banked a little money for a rainy day. Happy stitching! Andrea

  3. Lovely work on the Christmas Sampler and such a relief when the border does meet. At least on a Quaker it's easier to add an extra gap if it's not quite right.
    How lucky that the dollars were still legal currency, they keep changing our money so you have to keep an eye on the mattress stash!

  4. Finding money is always nice! Great progress on the Christmas Sampler too.

  5. Lovely work on your Christmas sampler. Finding those dollars was a lovely surprise for you.