Sunday 16 September 2018

Christmas Dinner is being prepared!

Today on my walk in the park I saw Christmas Dinner being prepared:-)
In 100 days most New Zealanders will add mint sauce and gravy then patting a full stomach sigh "I've eaten too much"

Saturday 8 September 2018

Out and about

Today the DBEM and I went to see an exhibition of the Mount Felix Tapestry.
This was part of a war memorial exhibition so there were no details given on the stitching, the fabric or the floss but it was wonderful to see close up. 
27,000 ANZAC soldiers injured during Gallipoli were cared for at this hospital in the UK and this is created as a record of that mighty endeavour.
Using the DBEM's magnifying glass I studied the stitching and got some inspiration for my own Arabian Knights piece which is of course different (and similar).
After a surfeit of embroidery I came home to my favourite counted work.   I have the fabric to make the apron and this is for the bib.   Just a row of snowflakes for the pocket top and this will be another project complete.