Monday 27 June 2022



My lovely Mother ( edit:  Madge) otherwise known on this blog as The DBEM has gone to heaven.  Thank you all for you comments with messages of support.   Very soon I will pick up my needle and be back to stitching but not for a few days yet.

Monday 13 June 2022


 Just checking in.   Very little stitching is being done here as the DBEM is gravely ill and is moving into care tomorrow.   My sister has been staying to help and today my brothers came so we all had precious time to spend with Mother.   It was good to all be together for what may well be the last opportunity.

I have done a square of four sided stitch which miraculously met up accurately at the end but I won’t push my luck tonight while my eyes are heavy with exhaustion and tears.   

However I will be back soon with some stitching to report but I didn’t want to disappear suddenly and cause worry.