Friday 10 March 2023

My Precious

 Today my sewing machines were discharged from their “hospital” and I gladly collected them.   It has been lonely without them and I admit, I was rather worried that my Blue Elna wouldn’t be able to be repaired.   However both are working beautifully.

That Elna has been with me for something like 55 years?   I remember Father persuading me to spend more than I really wanted to and purchase one the same brand as Mother’s was at the time.   It was painful parting with so much of my hard earned holiday-job-money but it was a wise buy.   Mother’s machine eventually stopped working and not long before he died Father bought her a small basic Janome.   I’m so glad I kept that and have a back up.

Recently a friend gave me two lengths of fabric from her mother’s estate and I am going to stitch a blouse with the fine Japanese cotton and attempt a pair of lined trousers from the wool gaberdine.   An pair of  trousers bought many many years ago are being sacrificed for the pattern and I have found a helpful series on YouTube to guide me through.   Not right now though.

My older brother is very unwell and next week I am making the journey north to see him for possibly the last time.  A 9 hour drive will be quite an adventure but I have the satisfaction of knowing that only yesterday my Mazda passed it’s check with flying colours.   I will be taking a bag of embroidery, knitting and some books with me as well as low expectations of how much may be accomplished.  Little Sister will also be there and hopefully we can ease some of the burden for Sister-in-law.  So once again I may be off the radar for some time.   But there may be something of note to record when next I’m back at the blog.

Friday 3 March 2023

Presents for little girls

Tonight I have finished  dress and doll for “soon to be 8, Great Niece I”.  The dress fabric was on sale so I was happy.   She is tall and her mother has supplied the finished length measurement so hopefully all will be well.

The parcel that went off for Great Niece X last week was obviously a success.  I was pleased with it.

Her mother said all the girls enjoyed their gifts but the dress was a great hit!   It is a full wrap and with the frill definitely has the twirl factor!   Dearly Beloved Elderly Mother’s button box provided the decorations for the dolls shoes.   I love it when I can use bits and pieces from stash.  Great Niece I has a small cloisonné butterfly brooch on her doll.   It belonged to Dearly Beloved Elderly Mother’s Grandmother.   My niece and her husband like history so I’m hoping that Great Niece I will enjoy having a brooch which belonged to her Great Great Grandmother   Or maybe all that will be too much for an 8 year old mind to comprehend.   

Next I need to complete the Blue Boston Etui.   I’m currently making a pin cube and still have the top of the bag to finish off.   Then I have some wool and a new pattern to knit a pair of winter socks.   But I want to dig into my stash and find another embroidery project too.   Hopefully my embroidery mojo will return now that Dolls and Dresses are out of the way.