Friday 29 April 2022

Ukrainian Whitework, Hardanger and ....

 I’m midway through another two Sewing Sets for the Great Nieces.   And I’m justifiably tired of this project!   The hardanger one will get completed as I’m currently working on the bag. 

 Pincushion, scissor fob and needle book are done - minus a couple of finishing touches such as scissors and a fastener on the needle book.  I put emery in the scissor fob to add weight - a satisfying touch that will also be useful for keeping needles healthy.

But the Ukrainian Whitework set has come to a grinding halt.   I finished the needle book and the scissor fob.  They too need the scissors and a fastener for the book.   In this scissor fob I put a New Zealand $1 coin - a satisfactory weight and a secret that may well go undiscovered into posterity😉.  I cannot summon up the enthusiasm at present to complete this sewing set so it will sit in the box while I work on my next “itch to stitch”.  

At the same time I have been working on a Quiet Book for my newest Great Niece.   She is only 3 months old so I have plenty of time to work slowly on this but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

So far 1) a zip up tent with a small teddy bear who sleeps inside fastened by a press stud (dome).   He's tied by a ribbon so can't get lost!

2) the centre page -  fruit in a bag that can be buttoned on to its matching pair 

3) threading a mouse through the holes in the swiss cheese from his little 'mouse hole'

My face is slowly recovering from the fall but my confidence to go out walking has completely disappeared.  I needed to go to the post box a day or two ago and it required the summoning of tremendous amounts of courage for just that 20 minute stroll.  Even the fact that I got there and back safely hasn’t restored me to the regularity of daily exercise so I think I will join a gym and use their treadmill - surely handholds on each side of me, even if not used, will be enough to get me back to my regular 60 minutes a day?

And I have the Downton Abbey movie to look forward to at the end of next week.  Yay!

Thursday 14 April 2022

 What have I been up to?   Well my eyes rebelled at the diagonal round eyelets in the newly started sewing set and after the third unpicking I put the whole thing into time out and started another piece in my favourite hardanger.   A small Christmas Ornament which I took some time to cut out very carefully.

The DBEM is much improved and in a far better frame of mind regards Covid so I can see that my “release date” will be soon and I can resume my small number of activities.  It has been very lonely staying away for these past four months and I will be happy to be back among people.   Our local Health Board tells us that ‘the Omicron Peak has passed but the Pandemic has not’ so we are still all being very careful. However now that the DBEM is less fearful I am much relieved.

I have begun yet another sewing set - this one in hardanger - and in a rare divergence from my usual tone on tone I decided to do this one in bright white on dark blue.   So far so good and I am hopeful that the final set will look as I envisage it.

At Embroiderers Guild a small group tackled Hardanger Tassels and of course I had to join in.   Someone asked how many I had made…I don’t really know but a quick estimate got me to about 60 and there are now another two to add to the total.   No more for a while.  I am rather “tasseled - out” 😉

Yesterday while out walking I fell over (again!) and this time injured my chin ( a deep gash), my left wrist (a sprain it seems) my teeth (two chipped and broken) and my iPhone (now replaced).   So I am feeling a little sorry for myself and am on pureed foods only until I get to the dentist.   That will be good for the weight loss.

Back again when I have more to report.

Friday 1 April 2022

Finished….what to do next

 The small sewing set is finished - I even had a pair of small scissors to suit.   

And that is three sets complete.   

With six great-nieces in that branch of the family I am only half way!   But I am determined to use up my fine count linen and so what to do next.   Another sewing set of course!   

This one is on some 32 count blue linen from stash with DMC 932 in perle 8 and 12 ( also from stash).  Some years ago I did a course in Ukrainian Whitework with Gay Eaton and it seems fitting to be stitching that technique at present.  Her book is no doubt long out of print but it is a great resource and from it one can really teach oneself this technique.   Admittedly my eyes are complaining at the strain of diagonal round eyelets but I am enjoying this greatly.  I have started on the needlebook -  which since taking this photo is well on the way to completion.

The DBEM has been unwell with a chest infection which is not Covid as the doctor did a Rapid Antigen Test to check.   Currently she is on a course of antibiotics and seems to be improving.   We have been enjoying several audiobooks and are with Michael Palin on his Pole To Pole at present.  

And that's about all for tonight.   I've had a busy day with the DBEM's medical appointments and so will make a cup of tea and it's off to bed for me.