Thursday 19 October 2017

And the lights go on again

The "not so little" Snoopy ornament is finished and the lights have gone on.  I had imagined they might look a great deal brighter, however the desired effect is there even if at a dimmer wattage.
I have decided to make this into a circular finish but in the meantime it has joined the pile of "yet to be constructed 2017 Christmas Ornaments".   All is well - there is still six weeks till they will be needed.

Friday 13 October 2017

And another one

This year's ornaments seem never ending but five down two to go and this one is almost finished.
I'm not fond of stitching blocks of colour but that is what this needs.   Onto the green wreath will go the tiny fairy lights (individually spaced) and voila - a cute ornament, I hope.
Then I am having a break and starting a piece of hardanger for a tote bag.   In the interests of durability I'll be working in heavy linen and thick DMC perle which is not my preferred fabric and thread.   Some degree of persistence will be necessary but I really want to make this bag so will make the effort.
So another long week over and only another 24 month and 13 days until retirement:-)
Off now to some overdue emails.

Saturday 7 October 2017

This one just needs a fall of snow

Hat on and scarf tied but this snowman needs a good snowfall of DMC 712 to fill out his fat body.  Guess what I will be doing tonight?
The DBEM has said no excursions this weekend, so just the usual chores for me.   But tonight's reward is two hours of the Morse prequel on TV.   Lucky me.

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Another ornament

Finally finished.   I rather thought I might have bitten off more than I could chew with this one.   The lettering over one thread on 36count linen was hard on the eyes.  But all good, it spells correctly and looks satisfactory.   This is for a gift, but much as I like it I won't be repeating this and making one for myself.
Do you like?
DQ was asking where I got the pattern for the Sunflower Santa so I took a photo of the deets.   Sorry DQ but you were no reply so couldn't email.
This afternoon I took the DBEM to the doctor and as I used her credit card to pay still managed to keep to my Fiscal Famine.   I picked up that wording and idea from someone else and although I may not be able to do a month's FF like she plans I am enjoying the challenge.   No spending on anything except predetermined direct payments and food(within a stricter budget).   You can read more on Frugal Queen's blog here.
And now to get back to my book...

Sunday 1 October 2017

He only needs a moustache

A sunflower Santa??   Even in the Southern Hemisphere such a Santa is unknown and the chart for this came from the North where sunflowers would never be blooming at Christmas!
However he is rather cute and will possibly be even more so when his white mini tassel=moustache is added.   But that is later on.   Tonight I start on a stitched mistletoe.