Wednesday 25 February 2009

An exchange has reached its destination

I see that the Biscornu Exchange from HOE has reached its destination so I can show you a photo. The hardanger biscornu from The Gift of Stitching had been crying out to be done so that is what I sent Ina. Everything arrived safely and Ina says she likes it so that makes me very happy indeed. Another exchange is on its way to somewhere a little closer than The Netherlands so maybe you will see another photo soon.

Over the weekend I worked some more on the Quaker Little Ruler pocket and now have the back and cover done so here's another progress photo. This is a really interesting stitch and I am enjoying it so much.

Also over the weekend I spent a very enjoyable afternoon going through my stash cupboard. I can see that I need some more DMC white floss and probably some more fabric so this coming weekend will be a trip to the LNS. Once there I am sure I'll find some other goodies too!!!!
Have a good day everyone

Tuesday 17 February 2009

Voila - the one handed finish!

I was inspired by Hohla and Carol R to do this hardanger "humbug" - but let me tell you one handed is not easy! Anyway despite obvious imperfections it is finished and I am sure will find a home on my Christmas tree. Those of you who add beads to edges and finishes please write a tutorial as to how you do it! These gave me great grief. And for those of you who want to try your own this is from The Gift of Stitching December 2007.
Have a great day.

Monday 16 February 2009

Some stitching progress

Tank you so much everyone for your good wishes. I am really cheered to know that you are all thinking of me.
And a surprise - dear Edgar has given me a blog award! What a great way to start the week. This requires that I nominate three others to send this on to. What a task! Out of all the wonderful blogs I see and am inspired by how do I choose just three. Well here goes. First is Hohla - her blog stretches my linguistic skills but she really inpsires me to try different types of stitching and finishes. Next up is Linute from Lithuania - again a linguistic adventure but she taught me (and consequently several other friends here in NZ) how to make a tulip biscornu. And also I want to nominate Ginny who is so generous with her stitching for others that she is truly a spreader of love! Do go visit and be inspired.

I did manage to do some stitching this weekend and there is progress on the front of the Quaker Ruler Pocket. Not a lot as the shoulder screams when time is up but it feels sooooooo good to be able to hold a needle again. Mind you the hand that can hold a needle can't yet really manage the digital camera's weight so this photo is taken on the mini camera and isn't so clear. Still I am sure you will all rejoice with me!!

Friday 13 February 2009

Released to a smaller sling!

Thank you for all the good wishes. Yesterday I got a good report from the surgeon and was released to a smaller sling and told I can stitch. O happy day, O happy day!!!
So of course I did stitch and made some more progress on my Quaker Ruler Pocket - but it was infintiessimal progress really so no photo of that today. I will do more over the weekend and update you on Monday. Yes - I am afraid that pain still limits the amount of stitching but at least I can do some.
Anyway here's a snap of the smaller sling - it is far less hot which is great because yesterday Auckland was the hottest it has been for over 100 years. 32.4 degrees celsius and nearly 100% humidity. Uck!

Wednesday 11 February 2009

An exchange to brighten my Day

Yesterday the mail man brought a deligthful exchange package from Caroline P in the UK. It was sitting on the table when I got home from work and I was hungry and wanted my dinner but my elderly mother (yes the half deaf half blind one you met here and who you all said looked so sweet!!) pushed me in to opening the package immediately. Well, was I pleased I did. It was absolutely beautiful! A lovely red quaker heart ornament which is now living on my bedroom door where I can see it every day. On the back she has stitched my initials! Isn't it beautiful! Not only was that exquisite piece in the package but lots of goodies too including some Polstitches threads. Thank you so very very much for your generosity Caroline and as you say the socks won't be necessary just at the moment - its 28 degrees celsius and 100% humidity - but the cold will come I am sure!!

There is still no movement much in my shoulder but I am back at work and managing to type slowly one handed. Thank you to everyone for the good wishes. Tomorrow is a check up with the surgeon so I may come away feeling a little more optimistic from that!
Take care out there.

Tuesday 3 February 2009

I've been shopping!

While home and one handed I have wandered to the local shops and there in a charity shop I found my money box! Happy happy happy! I had asked Santa for one of these but he said that he couldn't find adult ones. This is just what I wanted and a Harrods tin to boot. Only $2 so that didn't break the bank either.
Thank you for all your good wishes. I am doing OK - back at work for half days and then an afternoon sleep! Today I walk to the curtain store to collect my new net curtains and then will "left handedly" hang them! Wish me luck.

Monday 2 February 2009

Hello again

Surgery is over and although still one armed and doped with pain killers I am back! There are a couple of things to report. The two recent exchanges on HOE have been received so I can show them.
The first was a Lizzie Kate Exchange which went to Joan. As it was winter in USA I sent a Spring themed gift. You can see her reaction here. I was quite pleased with how well this stitched up. Lizzie Kate designs are fun aren't they.
Second was a Valentines Exchange which went to Michelle in Texas. For Valentines it had to be a heart didn't it and this sampler heart needle case by Ilse Alther was a treat to stitch. I am pleased Michelle liked it. Michelle has better pictures on her blog so go visit.

And I also received a package from Sally with a cute Lizzi Kate pinkeep, notecards, chocolate, threads, tissues and a handmade card showing where she lives in Michigan. Thankyou very much Sally for a great package.

I am still unable to stitch and the frustration levels are building! The DVDs of James Bond are no substitute!! I have been doing a lot of reading and also dreaming of what I will stitch when the sling is off and the arm is free. Meanwhile I am checking up on your blogs my friends so keep up your inspiration!