Monday, 16 February 2009

Some stitching progress

Tank you so much everyone for your good wishes. I am really cheered to know that you are all thinking of me.
And a surprise - dear Edgar has given me a blog award! What a great way to start the week. This requires that I nominate three others to send this on to. What a task! Out of all the wonderful blogs I see and am inspired by how do I choose just three. Well here goes. First is Hohla - her blog stretches my linguistic skills but she really inpsires me to try different types of stitching and finishes. Next up is Linute from Lithuania - again a linguistic adventure but she taught me (and consequently several other friends here in NZ) how to make a tulip biscornu. And also I want to nominate Ginny who is so generous with her stitching for others that she is truly a spreader of love! Do go visit and be inspired.

I did manage to do some stitching this weekend and there is progress on the front of the Quaker Ruler Pocket. Not a lot as the shoulder screams when time is up but it feels sooooooo good to be able to hold a needle again. Mind you the hand that can hold a needle can't yet really manage the digital camera's weight so this photo is taken on the mini camera and isn't so clear. Still I am sure you will all rejoice with me!!


  1. O! Thanks for the award! It is very nice to receive it from such needlewoman as you! Visit my blog! Your new embroidery is pleasant very much!!!

  2. Congrats on your award Margaret. I'm glad that you are able to pick your needle up again :) Take care!!!