Friday, 13 February 2009

Released to a smaller sling!

Thank you for all the good wishes. Yesterday I got a good report from the surgeon and was released to a smaller sling and told I can stitch. O happy day, O happy day!!!
So of course I did stitch and made some more progress on my Quaker Ruler Pocket - but it was infintiessimal progress really so no photo of that today. I will do more over the weekend and update you on Monday. Yes - I am afraid that pain still limits the amount of stitching but at least I can do some.
Anyway here's a snap of the smaller sling - it is far less hot which is great because yesterday Auckland was the hottest it has been for over 100 years. 32.4 degrees celsius and nearly 100% humidity. Uck!


  1. Margaret,
    So glad you are improving and can
    stitch! Next time, though, let's see that pretty face!!
    Happy stitching,

  2. Glad you are making progress, Margaret! With all that time staring at your sling, did it cross your mind to cross stich a design on it? ;-)

  3. I'm glad to hear you're healing well - and I bet you are so relieved about being able to stitch :o)

  4. Glad to hear are one devoted stitcher!!

  5. I am happy to see that you are getting better!! Stop by my blog and pick up your award!! You deserve it!!


  6. So glad you are feeling well enough to stitch - won't be long now and you will be back on full throttle!