Wednesday, 11 February 2009

An exchange to brighten my Day

Yesterday the mail man brought a deligthful exchange package from Caroline P in the UK. It was sitting on the table when I got home from work and I was hungry and wanted my dinner but my elderly mother (yes the half deaf half blind one you met here and who you all said looked so sweet!!) pushed me in to opening the package immediately. Well, was I pleased I did. It was absolutely beautiful! A lovely red quaker heart ornament which is now living on my bedroom door where I can see it every day. On the back she has stitched my initials! Isn't it beautiful! Not only was that exquisite piece in the package but lots of goodies too including some Polstitches threads. Thank you so very very much for your generosity Caroline and as you say the socks won't be necessary just at the moment - its 28 degrees celsius and 100% humidity - but the cold will come I am sure!!

There is still no movement much in my shoulder but I am back at work and managing to type slowly one handed. Thank you to everyone for the good wishes. Tomorrow is a check up with the surgeon so I may come away feeling a little more optimistic from that!
Take care out there.


  1. Very pretty exchange, enjoy! Hope you feel better very soon.
    Take care!

  2. What a beautifully stitched heart! Very nice little package, too. Hope you heal up soon!

  3. I was looking through charts yesterday and came across this one and thought I must do this soon and here it is beautifully stitched and finished on your blog. What a great exchange.

    Hope you are recovering from your surgery and not overdoing it!