Sunday 21 July 2019

Ah- Hardanger!!

I fished in stash and found linen and thread to create another Hardanger tassel.   All went well and the six components came together accurately.   Only the eyelets and construction are left to do.
Then the DBEM mentioned she would like a bookmark to give as a gift to her friend so I fished out a chart and some linen and started.   Oops!  Reverse stitching and a fresh start.   Oops again.   No reverse stitching this time I cut out the offending stitches with my trusty Clover Stitch Ripper.   Yet another start and another oops.   In disgust I put away that piece of 32 count linen and found some 28 count and made another start.   All good this time and the foundation is on the way for a Demonic Angelic Bookmark.
Each of the large central squares on the diagonal have to be cut and a hardanger angel stitched into them.   I think I will need to be relaxed and refreshed and have freshly cleaned spectacles before I attempt the cutting!
And on the discarded piece of linen I will stitch a cross stitch Christmas Ornament so my frugal self is not offended.   Linen is so expensive here I hate wasting any of it.

Three days of annual leave last week was most productive -  I stitched a new winter skirt, took the DBEM for a hair cut (and got a much needed trim myself), did the six weekly grocery shop and paid a visit to the Library.   And so tomorrow it is back to work - but only for another 8 weeks (and who is counting?)

Tuesday 9 July 2019


The stitching is now finished. 
This weekend I hope to go and find some suitable lining fabric to construct the notebook cover.   And then as a reward I will allow myself to stitch some hardanger :-)
My evenings are not totally devoted to stitching at the moment.   I am reading a book aloud to the DBEM.   A chance encounter at the Library with the book "Archbishop" by Michele Guinness led to a search for any others she had written and the discovery that the dynasty of the Guinness Beer Barons had a branch who had been intrepid missionary adventurers.   I further found that Michele's husband Peter's Grandmother had been brought up in the Brethren and that tenuous link with my own heritage has led to the enjoyment of this current book "Grace".   Perhaps not to everybody's taste, the DBEM and I are nonetheless enjoying our reading.

R Day

Ten weeks until R day = the last day of work.  Then six weeks of accrued annual leave and finally Gold Card Day.  The Filofax of  retirement plans is brimming with lists and the countdown is growing more exciting by the day.
Meanwhile life continues, filled with work, chores, care of the DBEM and some stitching.   The "C" is almost finished so photos tomorrow.

Tuesday 2 July 2019

See the C

A little progress has been made but with each stitch I am regretting choosing such a thick twill fabric.   It will wear well but it is hard to stitch on :-(