Saturday 20 February 2021

An overdue update

 It has been a while since I updated but in reality not much has been accomplished.   Five of the Christmas ornaments are now fully finished but even that didn’t get my mojo back.   In desperation I trawled through my Gift of Stitching magazines and found this.   

The unusual geometry of the biscornu appealed.  I intend to back stitch all around the sewing line so I can whip stitch it together more easily.

And I have made a start on my 3D pohutukawa flower.   The leaves are done ready to cut out and back with felt.   I now need to get started on the rich red stamens (pistils?) of the actual flower.   Creative 3D work such as this is way outside my comfort zone but I attend a monthly group whose purpose is to show and tell finishes and WIPs from the month.   The others are all wildly artistic and creative so ..... :) One lady who attends is currently stitching a ‘fabric paper’ from which she will fold an origami hummingbird.   Each section is meticulously planned out so that feathers, beak, legs etc come in correct colours and places.   This is to be her entry in an exhibition where the theme is ‘From the Simple to the Complex’.  It is fun seeing what the others do but my pohutukawa will be my first and last foray into this unknown territory.   I shall remain happily in 'counted work' territory.

Next I am going to attempt a small zipper purse made from 1 inch squares stitched together with feather stitch.   If successful I will have another use for my sewing fabric scraps :)