Sunday 25 February 2024

And a finish!


I took the class for this last September and am very pleased to have it complete.   There was some reverse stitching as the blue DMC floss required a second skein and was a different batch number so I had to unpick and ensure that the full bandwidth was the same batch.   Can you notice the difference?   Probably it’s only me who can tell!

The local quilting shop lady insisted that a plan weave linen would be a good lining fabric.   I’m not totally convinced but as this piece is only going to be stored in my cabinet and not in use it was a price decision in the end.  And all is well.

So now I have something ready for the March Show and Tell stitch group I attend.  Happy happy.

Sunday 18 February 2024

Progress Report - I am doomed !

 Two panels on my Wessex Drawstring Bag are now complete and instead of stitching, unpicking and re-stitching I have decided to do the mathematical calculations and stitch tacking threads first.   But given the obstacles to date I am still pleased with progress.

So I did calculate, measure and count but still.  Can you see the error?   So tonight I will be “unstitching “  I am so annoyed with myself!  This project is doomed!

Again, it is another fine day here if a little windy, so I am going to sit outside and get a good dose of Vitamin D.  But first I must “slip slop slap” with the sunscreen.

Friday 2 February 2024


 Well, persistence has paid off and finally panel one of the bag is finished.   That’s it for tonight! 

There are four panels to this bag so I’m hoping for more control and less reversing for the next panel.

Meanwhile my evening chores call so I’ll sign off and be back again it’s another report soon.