Monday 30 May 2022

Repeato Ditto

 On Saturday afternoon I once again had to push the ambulance emergency button as the DBEM collapsed on me.   So off we went to our "favourite spot" in Emergency Department where we were promptly seen by a lovely young doctor who ordered lots and lots of tests.   So of course hours later we were still awaiting results.  But being more au fait with ED now after the visit the week before I went home, phoned the siblings, had a very late dinner and took myself to bed.  Whereupon in the middle of the night the phone rang; a call from the lovely doctor.   There had been an influx of Covid cases and she wanted to send the DBEM home where the doctor felt she would be safer in my care.   Naturally this is what the DBEM wanted too so I got dressed again and went out into the cold frosty night to collect her.   (No serious diagnosis just 'frailty of old age')

Result is I am currently confined to quarters as I can't leave her alone and she requires assistance to mobilize and to toilet.   Little Brother came for a couple of hours today and I managed a quick visit to the gym to exercise off some stress.

Other stress relief has been the cross stitch Map of the World.   I'm almost complete now and it is such fun.  There are only a couple of icons I cannot guess  -  perhaps you can help out.   What is the one below the bottle of maple syrup in Canada?  A turkey??

Hopefully a photo of the completed map tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Goodnight.

Monday 23 May 2022


 I’ve been travelling…to and from the hospital to visit the DBEM. Today her doctor said she could come home if I was happy!   Currently she’s in ‘her’ chair in the sun catching up on sleep.  Too much Covid and early Winter virus are causing overload at the hospital so she’s better at home.

So not much stitching has been done.   I have made a little progress on the world map and that’s all I have to show.   I’m still enjoying this “journey round the world” and enjoy the puzzle of deciding what the various icons actually are.   Not all have been puzzled out but I was quite smug to realise that the frog with a fly on the end of his tongue was for "French Indo-China" and that Japan was chopsticks with a bowl of noodles.   Many like the Matroyshka and St Basils are immediately obvious and others not so.  I did message the designer asking for a list of the icons but so far no reply so I am left guessing.

Hopefully life will return to normal and I can get some more stitching done.   My quilted winter jacket is at the stage where I need to make metres of bias binding tape and I have the fabric ready to begin that.   Perhaps these next few days I will actual make a start.   But the weather is supposed to be fine after severe storms and I need to get outdoors and mow the lawn and tidy up a little.   

Sunday 8 May 2022

Hardanger Sewing Set and....

 Today I completed the cord drawstring for the hardanger sewing set and I'm very pleased with the result.   Only two more sets to go and each of my brother's grand daughters should have one :)

I have begun a new cross stitch - a map of the world created of icons from most of the countries (but not all).  It is addictive as well as enjoyable.   Some of the icons I cannot 'decipher' so have sent a msg to the designer asking if they can provide a list of those they used.   I'm not 100% hopeful of a reply but meanwhile am enjoying this stitch.

I'll be back in a few days with some progress to report.