Friday 21 June 2019

Last of the socks

This is the last of the socks - the last I shall be knitting for some time.   The ten pairs I have is enough for one person's feet!!
Aren't the small pair cute?   I have put them with the DBEM's finished knitting and they can go to the Hospice Shop next time. 
Today the DBEM had her check at the doctor and stocked up on her prescription medicines again.   I had a pacemaker check and then crossed off a few chores from the list which included taking the remainder of the sock wool to the charity store so someone else can have the pleasure of knitting some small pairs :-)   All in all a good day

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Sock Wool

Lenore asked what yarn I had used for the berry pink socks.
I always use Opal Sock yarn and this is no exception.   Here's a photo of the ball labels.   I have no idea if it is still available or not.

This evening I have completed a pair of children's socks in the same yarn - photo to follow when they have been blocked and pressed.   I am in awe that my Grandmother managed to decipher the complicated knitting instructions but the DBEM assures me that Grandma knitted her school socks.

Saturday 15 June 2019

Diversion into sock territory

After finishing the 2019 Christmas Ornaments and being unable to decide on which one I want to stitch for my tree, I meandered into the knitted sock territory.   Two balls of Opal Sock Yarn were calling to me so I found my double pointed needles and got started.   One pair are now finished and I am happy to say that they turned out identical twins!  
The other pair are almost done and it looks like there will be enough yarn left to try a child's pair from an ancient book which once belonged to the DBEM's mother.
And this diversion has been worthwhile.  Not only producing two pairs of warm socks but also the inspiration for my next project.   I have the book.   I purchased a piece of beautiful twill fabric and today ran that through the overlocker.  
Now I can make a start.   This is to fulfill a promise I made to the DBEM to stitch a notebook cover for her favourite niece's 60th birthday.   Watch this space.


Monday 3 June 2019


It has been a productive weekend and finally the Christmas Ornaments are crossed off the list.   Creative finishing is not really my forte but here we go -  all but one are from 2018 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue
I really liked the wreath style finish used for Noel and happened to have one - re-purposed from a greeting card - so here's my attempt to copy the finish that JCS used.   Rather an amateur copy but .....
The pompom trim seemed to suit this ornament and I am quite satisfied with this one.
The elf has turned out well with a simple hanging finish.  I like him but stitched over one means he won't be repeated too soon:-)   A simple gold cord hanger and pins with gold beads holding a red ribbon edging he looks really cute.
And this one came from a chart on the internet and the finish is certainly not professional.   But for a brief appearance on a Christmas tree once a year this will have to do.

Now I have to decide on what to do next.   No hardanger inspiration yet but I am wanting a new mat to go on my bedside table so may revisit my charts and see if there's anything suitable. 
The Betsy Morgan etui needs construction but that is currently put to one side.   I need energy to concentrate on that.