Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Another ornament

Finally finished.   I rather thought I might have bitten off more than I could chew with this one.   The lettering over one thread on 36count linen was hard on the eyes.  But all good, it spells correctly and looks satisfactory.   This is for a gift, but much as I like it I won't be repeating this and making one for myself.
Do you like?
DQ was asking where I got the pattern for the Sunflower Santa so I took a photo of the deets.   Sorry DQ but you were no reply so couldn't email.
This afternoon I took the DBEM to the doctor and as I used her credit card to pay still managed to keep to my Fiscal Famine.   I picked up that wording and idea from someone else and although I may not be able to do a month's FF like she plans I am enjoying the challenge.   No spending on anything except predetermined direct payments and food(within a stricter budget).   You can read more on Frugal Queen's blog here.
And now to get back to my book...


  1. I do like your ornament and agree, over one on 36 count is hard on the eyes!

  2. Yes, I do like? Is that another JCS Ornament edition one? I'm just finishing one from this year's magazine. I keep buying the magazine, despite the more and more "cute" patterns that I don't see the point of! Well done on the famine!

  3. Over one on 36-count is very hard for me these days too! What am I saying? I can't stitch anything without wearing drugstore magnifier glasses over my regular glasses, lol.

    Your ornament looks beautiful!

  4. Do I like? Yes, I love it! The smallest I have ever worked on was 28-ct over 1. I don't think I could do that again much less 36-ct. You did a fabulous job.

  5. It's a lovely ornie particularly with the over one. Every piece I start recently, I keep thinking "this would look lovely over one".
    Well done on the FF. I did it when I was expecting my first son, tried to live on what I would be getting after he was born!

  6. Lovely little finish, even if your eyes are glad that it's finished!