Friday, 25 August 2017

Daffodil Day

August 25th is Daffodil Day here with money raised for the Cancer Society.
We had a "mufti day" at work to raise money and I raised a beautiful potful of miniature daffodils
These were bought as two pots of teeny weeny daffodils three years ago and they've happily grown up.   Like  all who grow older they have increased in size too and are now mid-sized rather than miniature.
Oh well, back to the knitting.


  1. Lovely daffs! I thought this was a "throwback" post as our Daffodil Day is in March but then I remembered you're in the Southern Hemisphere and you have Spring coming up.

  2. I like daffodils quite a bit, they are one of my favourite spring flowers. I didn't know there was an extra day for them though!