Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Almost but not quite #2

Despite my best efforts tiredness stopped me reaching the finish line last night.   Here is the Quaker Christmas Sampler- almost completed.  The last gap is top right but do you think I should stitch the date centre bottom in the gap there?
I have fabric to make this into a table runner to fit my coffee table and given my usual reluctance to decorate for the Christmas season this may be the only ornament in my room in 2017!
Meanwhile it will go into the "to be constructed pile" and will not be touched until November, or December, or the new year....

After a run of good health the DBEM isn't too well today and is sitting quietly in her chair knitting happily.   We have had to move her chair as facing the picture windows directly was too bright for her eyes (which really only detect contrast now) so the whole room has had a reshuffle.   She's happy and I am adjusting to my new spot so all is good Chez Nous.


  1. Looking good, I would definitely put the date on it!
    Hope the DBEM feels better.

  2. You need the date and to have it finished before the Christmas season, if this will be your only decoration this year.

  3. Beautiful almost finish hut I can't believe you're going to turn it into a table runner, it's far too pretty to sit on a table!

  4. Wow, that really is an almost finish! I hope your mum will feel better soon, but at least she's still happy.

  5. I think the date would look good in this one. It really is beautiful.
    Hope Mum feels better in her new spot.

  6. Hi, I liked your stitched Santa, btw. Wow,what a great finish. Definitely date it but I want it on the wall somewhere. As Justine says, too pretty to sit on a table.