Saturday, 30 September 2017

Another Santa

Another Santa but this one came accompanied by unfriendly gremlins.   As a consequence there has been weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.   I have unpicked, restitched, unpicked again and restitched again.   One error I have decided to leave but "the hat faux pas" will have to come out.   Before I do so, here's a sufficiently poor snapshot in which you may not be able to see the errors:-)
And Spring has definitely sprung here.   We have bluebells
and we have sweet peas
and we have a tui in the kowhai trees.


  1. I can't see the mistake Margaret. I love the names of the tree and the bird - very exotic.

  2. Your Santa looks great to me! Sorry to hear he seemed determined to not be stitched, but it does appear you've won the battle. The flowers are beautiful and your springtime poem made me smile.

  3. Whatever the error, it isn't obvious! And love the pictures of the flowers--in this hemisphere, the leaves are beginning to turn and the flowers are fading.

  4. The error is not visible here either!
    Lovely to see signs of Spring as we are preparing for Autumn. Hubby lit the woodburner this evening.

  5. No error visible for me, but then I know how it is to beat yourself up just because you know it is *there*!