Monday, 18 September 2017

Almost half a flower

Tonight, despite some reversing I have managed almost half a flower.   This is the last of the big medallions on this piece so it may seem smooth sailing after this.
I must admit I am sick of cross stitch and have even found myself thinking of a piece of free style embroidery!!   However the piece I want to do requires a piece of navy woven material so that will have to wait until I source the correct fabric.   I do have another piece in mind but that is done on black..... oh dear what a choice.

The DBEM is well today and chuckling to herself over her audio book.   She and Jeffrey Archer are becoming firm friends as she steadily "reads" her way through his Clifton Series.   I'm pleased that charming rascal is proving such good company.


  1. Sick of cross stitch? Whatever next!!
    Hopefully you have enough light to see to stitch on the dark fabrics. And not be distracted by the giggling from the corner!

  2. I'm with Jo here - blashphemy! Still, I'm looking forward to your freestyle project as I am sure it will be just gorgeous.