Sunday, 25 July 2010


Last night I sat up until this was fully completed.   Today it gets parcelled up with some goodies to be sent to ...  well I wonder where this one is off to?   My embroideries travel more than I do :-)

I lined this small sweet bag in Ukranian Whitework with a bright red Japanese silk which shows well through the Drawn Thread panel.   The "round" eyelets are a special feature of Ukranian Whitework and the rhythmical stitching of these is positively soothing.  Fortunately the book from which this particular stitch was taken has many others and I have two pieces of fabric and their matching threads already organised - but shall I start the Mulberry or the Aquamarine??  

Self control means I will complete the page of my Anne Book this week before allowing myself a new start.

Now to go find the Tangerine Chocolate that is to be part of this package.